Sunday, April 14, 2013


I love the packaging because the way you package your product shows that you've put in a lot of thought and effort. Some companies just don't get the importance of packaging. They sell you absolutely beautiful and expensive stuff but the box is just too shitty. 

If you're an avid reader of my blog(s), you'll know that I absolutely love Sereni & Shentel, Well, Bowerhaus is the brainchild of Shentel and her equally talented sister, Elizabeth. If you've bought hairbands from Sereni & Shentel, you'll know what I mean about the packaging. 

Well, now, I'm as obsessed about Bowerhaus as I am over Sereni & Shentel. Since, I own more than 10 SS hairbands, I'm splurging on Bowerhaus!!! Oh, I'm in love with the Pascha and the Trio. I'm so in love with the Pascha that I bought 2!!! This one is Rose Quartz and it's such a delicate little thing!

This one was my 2nd purchase, it's the Pascha in Powder Blue. Yes, I truly, love my Pascha(s) sincerely. 

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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