Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Faith is not a Christian thing. Faith mean believing that tomorrow will come, it's like, taking life for granted. How do we know that we're going to be alive tomorrow? Yet, we sign up for a 5 year course to do our Degrees, we make plans to get engaged, get married, and yet, our retirement funds.

Those who tell me that they have no faith, means they have given up on life. This is where religion comes in. Science dictates that things only exist if you can experience it using any one of your five senses. None of us has felt, smelt, taste, heard or seen God, scientifically, God doesn't exist.

But if you have faith, you believe that He exist because you can "feel" Him. Not with your 5 senses but with your Heart. It's like Love. You can't taste, see, smell, hear or feel Love with your hands, So, does it mean that Love doesn't exist?

Yet, many argues that Love exists, But God doesn't. People are becoming more wicked by the day and maost of them have no conscience or humanity in them. Like I mentioned to my colleague, just because you don't have the heart to harm someone, that doesn't mean that people are like you. There are people out there that won't think twice of hurting you.

I'm just ranting because many shitty things has been happening around me and it's largely due to the GE '13.

I'll move on.

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