Friday, April 19, 2013

Meet Handsome The Rottweiler!!!

Before you meet Handsome, you have to meet Ding Ding... She's Riko's dog and one of the best behaved dog I've ever met... Well, Riko is a Tiger Mother. I'm a Western Mommy so my dog is a tad spoilt...

I love working with huge dogs, which to others, are terrifying, but to me, I love them. I love GSDs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pitbulls, well, dogs with reputation... What reputation? Well, as tlong as they have a reputation to be able to kill a human being, I love them.

Handsome is well, a different matter entirely. He's huge (A hefty 40KGS) and his lineage is exceptional, giving him a bigger and wider head compared to other Rottweilers. Trust me, I've seen many Rotts. And why do we call him Handsome? Isn't he HANDSOME???

When I showed my parents the pictures, they nearly died of heart attack to see me playing, rolling on the floor and kissing a huge ass Rottweiler that could kill me in an instant. Rest assured that Handsome is the most gentle and happy dog and he shows so much patience as we struggled to take pictures with him...

He simply loves humans... and as long as we're paying him attention, he loves it! He managed to scare a few passerbys and one of them nearly tripped over himself when he saw us playing with Handsome... HAHAH...

I guess I'm a Rott whisperer, And I love Rotts. Another Rott that I simply adore is Oscar (His picture isn't here) and when my bestie's Rott, Prosper (with a reputation of biting and fierceness) was admitted for renal failure, she refused everyone to touch her even her owner except me. I used to feed her with my hands... Gosh, I loved her. Prosper, RIP.

Anyways, I haven't seen Handsome for 1 over week now and I'm missing him like crazy!!! He's always going to be my big, huge, hefty, "baby" boy.....

And yes, I love my dogs the way I love my man, Big, black, scary but gentle... I'm just so sad that the media potray these isunderstood dogs as criminals and terifying.

Handsome lives in a cage most of the time, (he's a clinic dog!) and we take him out for walks twice a day (or the other way round!) and he doesn't have a single aggressive bone in him.

Of course, I would say that most dogs attack because they're provoked. Handsome has been with us for many years and we treat him with respect and the same way, we treat humans.

Even though some people say that dogs living in cages tend to be more aggressive, I hope that you can see these pictures. Most of the time, Handsome is a big giant. He's so silly because he doesn't know that he's so big!

Instead of putting down every fearsome dog (Which is easy!) why can't we instill a sense of resposibility and humanity in ourselves? There are no bad dogs, just very bad, irresposible owners. Working in animal health, you face all sorts of irresponsible owners.

Owners that will only seek medical attention once the dog can't move and looks like it's dying. Then, when the dog dies (within a few hours/days normally) they cry as if their child died. I mean, you can't blame anyone but yourselves.

Oh, especially with maggot wounds, which, ANY RATIONAL PERSON KNOWS THAT IT DOESN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT and most owners will only bring the dog in once the dog is being eaten alive and no longer able to move. You know what they'll say?

"I don't know what happened. It started yesterday" Of course, the fly's lifecycle is only 1 day. They can tun from eggs to maggots in just 1 day!!

As if he was talking about vomiting and diarrhea, it's a friggin MAGGOT WOUND.

I'm not being mean to the owners, like Caesar Milan said, "A dog deserves a family but not every family deserves a dog"

Yes, A Rottweiler puppy is absolutely adorable but do you know how big it'll grow? The bigger the dog, the higher the cost of maintenance.Oh, please don't get a Rottweiler when you drive a tiny Kancil. You can't transport the dog to a clinic and when the clinic charges you for transportation, you get angry.

Be pragmatic, Rottweilers and other big dogs are very impressive (Most Chinamen loves big dogs to show off), they are not status symbols, they need lots of time for training, lots of money for food and overall, the cost of maintaining them is exorbitant.

Believe it or not but most purebreed dogs we have at the clinic were dumped by irresponsible owners. One of them is Oscar (Rottweiler), Nick (Terrier Mix), Tequila (Pitbull)

All dogs are very endearing and very loving. Next time, think before you buy, Animals or pets are life forms created by God Almighty and they deserve the same level of respect. The only difference is that, we, humans are blessed with the power of rational thinking. Animals don't.

Again, all through my blog, I advocate that people should start adopting. All my animals at home are adopted, yes, even the Cocker Spaniel. You don't just buy a puppy from the pet shop because it was cute.

Without care and maintenance, it won't look cute. Everything looks better if they are properly cared for...

~adopt not buy~
Michelle May

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