Monday, April 22, 2013

WAREHOUSE: My Latest Obsession

Monochrome Side Panel Dress is just too pretty and like all Warehouse clthes, the cutting is immaculate. Something that I love in my dresses. This dress is figure hugging BUT not tight, The silhoutte is clean and crisp and the panels are well placed, giving the wearer a slimmer and cleaner silhoutte.

Trailing Floral Print Dress (RM 323) is just another beautiful dress. Full stop. Let me tell you why this dress is too gorgeous. Again, I love the tailoring at Warehouse. The front of this dress features a slim band and "pleats" to show maximize your top and slims down to hide your tummy and the back of the waistband is elastic meaning, it falls better, and it has a better shape.

Embroidered Mesh Shell Top (RM183) is a mind blowing, show stopping top. The lace details are so intricate and the fitting again, is perfect like all the other Warehouse clothes. This top is not meant to be worn with a black bra to show off but, it's for you to look classy. If you're not classy, please don't get this. I love the way that it's so classy, clean cut and ust absolutely gorgeous!

Recently, I've been buying WAREHOUSE every week. For 3 weeks, I've bought something. Yes, 3 weeks in a row! Well, WAREHOUSE is definitely not for those looking for a bargain, It's for thse discerning few that believes in precise tailoring and are willing to pay for the materials and the tailoring.

WAREHOUSE has some of the best fitting dresses and clothes that seems to flatter Size 6- Size 18. But in Malaysia, they only go up to Size 14. Maybe my fat body is somehow easier to fit becase If I wear Size 12, I wear everything Size 12.

I have yet to try their pants because I find it absolutely unnecessary to put myself through such torture. You see, I can't buy pants. They can't seem to fit, as if I have some weirdly proportioned hip, butt and legs.

On another note, WAREHOUSE changes their clothes every Wednesday. Meaning, if you see a particular item online, you can expect to find it in stores by Thursday. Those that are of bigger sizes, like Size 14, you need to buy it quick cause they only have 1 piece.

Anyways, will try to take a picture of me wearing my clothes soon... But no guarantees cause I just started work and I've been busy with Income Tax/Teaching Licenses...

Till then,
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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