Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bag of Love #3

This is actually my first bag of love and I'm a tad disappointed. Not sure if I'm gonna get the next one. I got this because everyone was raving about it. I loved the definite brush and the debut bag was gorgeous!!! For the second bag, I loved the definite brush and decleor and NUXE.

I got 2 miniatures from CK Eternity; For Him and For Her.

I'm disappointed because I got this. Cheap, over the counter stuff shouldn't be included in a beauty bag because I believe that beauty bags is all about trying new things before we actually purchase it, so, when I got this, I was dumbfounded. FYI, I'm using Dove as well. 

Next, we got some shampoo and hair mask for very dry hair, really hesitating to use this because I have oily hair and I'm not sure if this will help or make it worse for my hair. Again, might have to give this away. 

This was probably the saving grace for the bag, I've been wanting to try some stuff from Elizabeth Arden after reading some reviews that were extremely positive HERE and HERE... What I didn't like about the products is that, it contains squalene and you can really smell the fish oil like smell from the caps. After Googling squalene, I then, found out that it is a natural organic compound originally obtained for commercial purposes primarily from shark liver oil. I do not consume sharks, let alone use something derived from them. I'm hesitating to use this but I used one capsule last night and my skin is now, ultra soft, very hydrated and my skin is dewy, glowing and plumped up! It's a great product, but squalene????

I love Crabtree & Evelyn stuff and Somerset Meadow is one of their latest collection and I'm happy that it's in the bag. The Lavender lotion is also one of my favourites because of its relaxing scent and I enjoyed these products immensely. 

I got a complimentary Basic Manicure from Amante as well! Will just have to wait for my nails to grow and my skin to heal. I'm not too ecstatic about this as well because I may or may not go for it. We'll just see.  

And here's the price and the "menu" for the whole bag. 

Overall, I'm happy with some stuff and not that excited about some stuff. Hence, the debate about continuing with next month's bag. There's just too many beauty boxes right now in Malaysia and I'm so confused, as to, which one to continue and which one to drop. 

My fav box so far is still The Lilac Box. I'm very happy with the products that I found in the box, especially with Babor, MaxFactor, Phyto and Yves Rocher. 

Till the next beauty box/bag!

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Michelle May

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fun Night Out

Had an impromptu, last minute gathering with The Indian Sister because she was craving Tacos. We went to Frontera and had a great time there and Julesy decided to skip a wedding and join us instead! As usual, we had tonnes of fun and never a dull moment. 

The pictures are a combination from my One X and The Fiance's SONY NEX-5N. Decided to bar hop around the area and yes, I finally tried Hoegaarden Rosee! 

You know I love em to bits!!! And I'm extremely happy that The Fiance love my girls as much as I do and they are crazy over him just as much as I do... 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :) 

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Michelle May

Fieldtrip To KLCC

Today, The KDU FSAT team took our students out to KLCC park for a field trip and an outdoor activity. I decided to tag along cause I haven't exactly been to KLCC Park and I wanted to go to Kinokuniya.  This is going to be a lengthy post with lots of pictures around KLCC park and NO SELFIES!!! hahahaha

Anyways, I had a great day and I got to have lunch with Shini... again! So, I'm quite happy!  

All these pictures are shot by me using my HTC One X. So some pros, It might be bad pictures, but I'm a noob and I'm quite happy with how the pictures turned out! 

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Michelle May

Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm stressed out, not because of my job, I LOVE MY JOB!!! But, rather, difficult people in my family. I'm pathetic because I seem to love my little work desk more, than my own home. I find work, a form of escapism. At least, I love my job. 

God knows how much I wanna move out right now. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Lilac Box 3

I still love the simplicity of the lilac box; a simple reusable brown box with a pretty lilac coloured ribbon! 

I love the tea doily and all the products are wrapped in a pretty gossamer paper, such a soft and elegant touch!

The products in all its glory!!!! I'm so happy!!!! 

The biggest bottle in the whole box! A whole bottle of Yves Rocher Fresh Rose shower gel! I'm an avid fan of Yves Rocher and I use quite a number of their products but I've never seen this in their stores! Even though I've showered, I went for another shower just to test this out! I'm in love with this because the scent is not too over powering and it's powdery rose scent lingers on even after you dry yourself! I could be biased as well cause I love anything rose. But I'm very happy for this product.

I'm actually using Yves Rocher hair detangler but I'm pretty pleased to receive this as well because I have extremely long hair and it tangles. I wouldn't say that I have straight long hair, but it's unmanageable at times. I have yet to use it, but, maybe tomorrow, when I wash my hair! Looking forward to try this out! 

I've heard of Babor before and I also heard that it's pretty expensive and premium. I'm looking forward to using these even though I don't need any firming for my skin. I plan to put these into my mom's birthday box... 

This one, I like!!! I love the scent, it's playful, feminine, sweet and fancy! Do you get what I mean? I absolutely love this scent!!!! <3 font="" this="">

I don't have pimples but when I do, I plan to try this one out because it claims to be able to clear or reduce the appearance of pimples in 1 day! I will get the random, occasional break out before I start my menses so, this might help!

I use lots of foundation, I rarely leave the house without any foundation on and I'm dying to try these. I will update once I try these because my RMK tester just finished, so, I will be trying these babies out tomorrow. 

You know why I love beauty boxes? Every month, you receive a bunch of stuff for you to try and I love the surprise of opening a box filled with goodies, just for me! It's like Christmas, every month!!!!

I'm not disappointed, since I only paid RM49.90, do check them out! 
Thelilacbox FACEBOOK
Thelilacbox WEBSITE

~you know you lilac me!
Michelle May

Monday, May 13, 2013

128 Faubourg by Sothy's

I did their highly recommended Hydradvance Facial (390MYR) and the hydrating factor is really amazing because it keeps your skin hydrated for weeks after the treatment. 

I'm very happy with their treatment as I added on the Ageless Beauty which is eye treatment and neck treatments (170MYR) and I enjoyed my blissful 2 hours+.... The ambiance was really relaxing, the beauticians were very professional and the best part? All products used are Sothy's!! 

Can you see my face now? Isn't it clear and smooth? Actually, I'm surprised that this is how I look without make up. 

You can always trust Sothy's to pamper you and make you feel so special. I'm one happy girl! After the treatment, I thought that I couldn't feel any happier....

They made me even happier with some butterscotch cupcake and their very relaxing tea!!! If you still don't feel loved or special, I don't know.... Such a treat!!!!

This is how I look with basic make up, foundation, loose powder and blusher. Doesn't my skin look great? I feel like I'm glowing!

For more information, you can check 128 Faubourg out!! They never disappoint! 

PS: They have first time packages for those who wants to try! 

~you know I'm luxurious~
Michelle May

Visual Me

In Creative Studies, one of the activities was to show a few pictures/images that represent you without you, having to explain it. It's called Visual Me. Meaning, to use pictures/images for the audience to get to know you. 

So, I decided to upload/do my Visual Me here. 

I absolutely love Squidward and somehow, I feel like I'm more Squidward than SpongeBob. I'm Squidward because I'm sarcastic, unnecessarily mean, I like being alone, I hate sunshine and rainbows, I'm dark, I'm egoistic and I think I'm the funniest person in the world... 

 I love all things Espana, from the food, the language, the culture and everything Espana!!! I learnt how to speak Spanish just to be able to read Pablo Neruda's work in its original context. Even though my favourite authors and poets are mostly South American, I still love everything there is about Spain and all things Spanish. Right now, I'm crazy over Carlor Ruiz Zafon...

I love books! Period. Books are a wealth of knowledge and I love every single one of it. 
 I love animals, not necessarily animals that are endangered but I love all sorts of animals. As much as I'm terrified of sharks, I respect them and I do my part to conserve sharks by not consuming shark's fin and raising awareness of all endangered species. 

This picture is taken from Tumblr because I love God. I recently accepted My Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ a few years back and I owe it all to Him. If it wasn't for his grace, I wouldn't be standing here. Now, He plays an important part in my life and I leave everything to Him. He's amazing and no one would save you after you mocked and scorned him but He did. 

Taken from Fine Art America, just because I love all things Africa. I wanted to challenge myself and even though everyone told me to play safe (because it was my Masters) to write my dissertation on Asia  because it was easier but I insisted on writing about the economic development and peace keeping on West African states. I'm still captivated by Africa and I'm still reading and doing some writings on Africa.  

This is my dream. I dream of working in the UN. I see UN as a citizen of world where I see myself in 10 years. Like the saying goes, "No voy a gastar mi vida siendo un color, soy raza de mil colores." I really wish and pray that I'm able to get into the UN then. 

So, this is my Visual Me. What's your visual? Do share!

~you know you visual me~
Michelle May