Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bag of Love #3

This is actually my first bag of love and I'm a tad disappointed. Not sure if I'm gonna get the next one. I got this because everyone was raving about it. I loved the definite brush and the debut bag was gorgeous!!! For the second bag, I loved the definite brush and decleor and NUXE.

I got 2 miniatures from CK Eternity; For Him and For Her.

I'm disappointed because I got this. Cheap, over the counter stuff shouldn't be included in a beauty bag because I believe that beauty bags is all about trying new things before we actually purchase it, so, when I got this, I was dumbfounded. FYI, I'm using Dove as well. 

Next, we got some shampoo and hair mask for very dry hair, really hesitating to use this because I have oily hair and I'm not sure if this will help or make it worse for my hair. Again, might have to give this away. 

This was probably the saving grace for the bag, I've been wanting to try some stuff from Elizabeth Arden after reading some reviews that were extremely positive HERE and HERE... What I didn't like about the products is that, it contains squalene and you can really smell the fish oil like smell from the caps. After Googling squalene, I then, found out that it is a natural organic compound originally obtained for commercial purposes primarily from shark liver oil. I do not consume sharks, let alone use something derived from them. I'm hesitating to use this but I used one capsule last night and my skin is now, ultra soft, very hydrated and my skin is dewy, glowing and plumped up! It's a great product, but squalene????

I love Crabtree & Evelyn stuff and Somerset Meadow is one of their latest collection and I'm happy that it's in the bag. The Lavender lotion is also one of my favourites because of its relaxing scent and I enjoyed these products immensely. 

I got a complimentary Basic Manicure from Amante as well! Will just have to wait for my nails to grow and my skin to heal. I'm not too ecstatic about this as well because I may or may not go for it. We'll just see.  

And here's the price and the "menu" for the whole bag. 

Overall, I'm happy with some stuff and not that excited about some stuff. Hence, the debate about continuing with next month's bag. There's just too many beauty boxes right now in Malaysia and I'm so confused, as to, which one to continue and which one to drop. 

My fav box so far is still The Lilac Box. I'm very happy with the products that I found in the box, especially with Babor, MaxFactor, Phyto and Yves Rocher. 

Till the next beauty box/bag!

~you know I'm pretty~
Michelle May

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