Monday, May 06, 2013


When I was still in St. Angel, some idiotic African guy came in with a terribly looking rabbit infested with mange. It's nose was hanging off, it has lost it's fur, it's ears were crusted by the mange and it was in a very bad condition. Why the owner was idiotic? 

The bill for an Ivermec injection came to RM38, he told us that he didn't have a single cent with him. He then told us that he's going to run to the ATM to withdraw money. While he do that, we could keep his bunny.

We had no choice but to let him go. Hours turned to days, days turned to months. We hate the guy but not the rabbit so, we continued to take care of it and after 5 weeks, he was the cutest, most adorable bunny ever! 

His name is Wisdom. But since I adopted him, I changed it to Napoleon. Living in a clinic, Napoleon developed some sort of affinity towards dogs. He loves the Cocker Spaniel and he's not at all afraid of the Cocker Spaniel. They are crazy together!!!! 

At first, The Cocker Spaniel refused to share his territory with Napoleon, He kept barking and keeps trying to nip Napoleon. After one night, we woke up to find the big bully sleeping peacefully next to Napoleon's cage. 

I would like to believe that animals know when other animals are abandoned. The Cocker Spaniel was abandoned before until we adopted him. Napoleon is the sweetest bunny and he loves being part of our family. He's fearless and very patient. 

Oh, we managed to call his owner 12 days after he abandoned his pet.

Dr: Hi Sir, Have you found the ATM??
Him: Yes, I'm in Malacca now.
Dr: Oh! You went looking for an ATM all the way to Malacca?
Him: Don't worry. I'll pick him up over the weekend. 

Well, that weekend that he was supposed to pick his pet up never came and then, it became almost 2 months until I decided to adopt him. It's nice that Napoleon found a home and The Cocker Spaniel found a companion. 

Like I mentioned, time after time, please adopt. 

~you know I adopt~
Michelle May

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