Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Lilac Box 3

I still love the simplicity of the lilac box; a simple reusable brown box with a pretty lilac coloured ribbon! 

I love the tea doily and all the products are wrapped in a pretty gossamer paper, such a soft and elegant touch!

The products in all its glory!!!! I'm so happy!!!! 

The biggest bottle in the whole box! A whole bottle of Yves Rocher Fresh Rose shower gel! I'm an avid fan of Yves Rocher and I use quite a number of their products but I've never seen this in their stores! Even though I've showered, I went for another shower just to test this out! I'm in love with this because the scent is not too over powering and it's powdery rose scent lingers on even after you dry yourself! I could be biased as well cause I love anything rose. But I'm very happy for this product.

I'm actually using Yves Rocher hair detangler but I'm pretty pleased to receive this as well because I have extremely long hair and it tangles. I wouldn't say that I have straight long hair, but it's unmanageable at times. I have yet to use it, but, maybe tomorrow, when I wash my hair! Looking forward to try this out! 

I've heard of Babor before and I also heard that it's pretty expensive and premium. I'm looking forward to using these even though I don't need any firming for my skin. I plan to put these into my mom's birthday box... 

This one, I like!!! I love the scent, it's playful, feminine, sweet and fancy! Do you get what I mean? I absolutely love this scent!!!! <3 font="" this="">

I don't have pimples but when I do, I plan to try this one out because it claims to be able to clear or reduce the appearance of pimples in 1 day! I will get the random, occasional break out before I start my menses so, this might help!

I use lots of foundation, I rarely leave the house without any foundation on and I'm dying to try these. I will update once I try these because my RMK tester just finished, so, I will be trying these babies out tomorrow. 

You know why I love beauty boxes? Every month, you receive a bunch of stuff for you to try and I love the surprise of opening a box filled with goodies, just for me! It's like Christmas, every month!!!!

I'm not disappointed, since I only paid RM49.90, do check them out! 
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~you know you lilac me!
Michelle May

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