Saturday, May 04, 2013


I don't usually shop at Uniqlo except, when I fall in love with their Tees. They have some of the best designs in town and my fav collection was Tim Burton's Frankenweenie! I got 2 tees from that collection. Recently, I've fallen in love with some of their stuff. Here's some... of my recent purchases.
Uniqlo has some of the best materials around and I simply love this Soft Tailored Jacket which I got at a steal!!! The original price was RM 169.90 but I got it for RM 99.90. Don't be fooled by its structured (Did I mention that structured clothes are so IN this season?) look, it's actually crafted from a kind of very soft material. It's like, you're wearing a cardigan, but it looks like a blazer. Cool, huh?

Laduree Tee which combines 2 of my favourite things. Dessert and dogs! Hahahaha. Well, If you've read my blogs, I had the chance to taste Paris famous Laduree and I fell in love with it and it somehow taught me to acquire the taste for expensive patisserie and desserts.  I got this tee for RM39.90

Pixar Graphic Tee was too cute because it's my fav mouse, the one and only Ratatouille!!! It's one of my favourite Pixar movies too!!! I must've watched it like 17 times already!!!! This is from the Men's section and again, I got it at a steal for only RM39.90! 

I have to say, that I'm very impressed with Uniqlo's AIRism range. I got 2 camisoles in Black and White at RM 39.90 EACH. OK, let me describe a situation. Imagine wearing a low cut and see through dress and walking around under the hot sun or a sunny place, with any other camisoles out there, you would have felt very hot, stuff, itchy, and you want to pull your clothes off. 

I disliked wearing camisoles so, I usually wear my dresses really low cut. Until I discovered AIRism. The most fantastic thing about it is, it keeps you cool! Yes, because the material used in AIRism provides comfort because it's soft, and keeps your body cool at the same time! Hence, I got a little crazy and bought both. 

If you're like me, I suggest that you get your camisole from Uniqlo. They have a wide range of basics and most of their stuff are reasonably priced. Meaning, their affordable. 

I love their basics and most of their products are of high quality and affordable. What is not to love about that? Besides, didn't you know? Japan has some of the best technologies in the world! 

~you know I'm uniq-lo~
Michelle May

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