Monday, May 13, 2013

Visual Me

In Creative Studies, one of the activities was to show a few pictures/images that represent you without you, having to explain it. It's called Visual Me. Meaning, to use pictures/images for the audience to get to know you. 

So, I decided to upload/do my Visual Me here. 

I absolutely love Squidward and somehow, I feel like I'm more Squidward than SpongeBob. I'm Squidward because I'm sarcastic, unnecessarily mean, I like being alone, I hate sunshine and rainbows, I'm dark, I'm egoistic and I think I'm the funniest person in the world... 

 I love all things Espana, from the food, the language, the culture and everything Espana!!! I learnt how to speak Spanish just to be able to read Pablo Neruda's work in its original context. Even though my favourite authors and poets are mostly South American, I still love everything there is about Spain and all things Spanish. Right now, I'm crazy over Carlor Ruiz Zafon...

I love books! Period. Books are a wealth of knowledge and I love every single one of it. 
 I love animals, not necessarily animals that are endangered but I love all sorts of animals. As much as I'm terrified of sharks, I respect them and I do my part to conserve sharks by not consuming shark's fin and raising awareness of all endangered species. 

This picture is taken from Tumblr because I love God. I recently accepted My Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ a few years back and I owe it all to Him. If it wasn't for his grace, I wouldn't be standing here. Now, He plays an important part in my life and I leave everything to Him. He's amazing and no one would save you after you mocked and scorned him but He did. 

Taken from Fine Art America, just because I love all things Africa. I wanted to challenge myself and even though everyone told me to play safe (because it was my Masters) to write my dissertation on Asia  because it was easier but I insisted on writing about the economic development and peace keeping on West African states. I'm still captivated by Africa and I'm still reading and doing some writings on Africa.  

This is my dream. I dream of working in the UN. I see UN as a citizen of world where I see myself in 10 years. Like the saying goes, "No voy a gastar mi vida siendo un color, soy raza de mil colores." I really wish and pray that I'm able to get into the UN then. 

So, this is my Visual Me. What's your visual? Do share!

~you know you visual me~
Michelle May

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