Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bobbi Brown and Why I Bought It?

So many (GREAT!) things are happening right now and I owe it all to God. My last minute application for a forum at Monash Uni was approved and I will be taking part in a publishing / journal / talk / forum and I hope that I get the grant to do my research. 

On the other hand, I realized that a lecturer's job is not to only teach / lecture but, to provide emotional support and counseling for my students. Right now, I think that I lack the emotional capabilities to be handling emotionally unstable students, but I'm trying my best and I'm learning everyday.

 I've been putting in extra work and I've been trying to make my lessons interesting. So far, many students actually enjoys my classes and I couldn't be happier and it's like a motivation for me to continue to find ways to keep my class active and my students are able to think critically! 

I really appreciate Fridays because I get to go out to relax because I've been working every Saturday and yes, I do need to de-stress when I have 41 students under my care. It could be stressful. 

This Friday, we indulged in sushi! I love sushi and "we" consists of Karin and Madrekins.

This Friday was a great day to shop because EVERYWHERE was on SALE!!!! Even my favourite shops like WAREHOUSE and Dorothy Perkins. I managed to get this top for a steal of only 30MYR because it was on 30% off and for members, an additional 20% and I had a 25MYR voucher for spending 800MYR there.

I've always wanted a makeover and for the professional make up artists at Bobbi Brown to find my perfect foundation color and I've been intimidated because the shop looks so pricey! I expected to pay up to 300MYR for a brush or a bottle of foundation. 

Well, I needed a foundation because I finished mine and I just got my pay, so, I walked into Bobbi Brown expecting snooty, stuck up make up artists until I met Sabrena. She's so friendly and cheerful and she somehow, made me relaxed and helped me to discover Bobbi Brown cosmetics. 

After using Bobbi Brown products to remove and hydrate my face, she used this Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush (160MYR) to give me an even skin and to make sure all products are finely applied and to give me an even, smooth finish. A really remarkable brush. I now swear by this!!! I use this to apply my Primer and Foundation.

You know, I've been trying out many different types of foundation and I just decided to leave the matching to the professionals. What do I know compared to those who have applied make up on hundreds of faces? Anyways, with the widest selection of liquid foundation choices, you are bound to be able to find your one, true shade. 

Thank God for Sabrena, because she patiently explained and swatched different colors and taught me how to find my one, true shade. You will be able to notice, one shade will be darker on your skin, the other, made my skin pasty and this one, it blended into my skin and you can't notice it. That's how you find your one, true, shade. 

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15 (160MYR) is the perfect foundation for anyone. Why? Because it gives you an even finish and if you have an oily face, (Like me!) you'll appreciate this foundation because it stays in place for 12 hours!!! 

I normally apply my foundation at 7AM and by 10AM, my T-Zone is oily and my pores are all visible. As I'm writing this, I applied my make up at 9AM and its 12PM and skin still looks fresh and like I just applied my make up. It makes you look natural and it keeps your skin hydrated!

Sabrena is very pragmatic, I don't use much make up, just primer/BB - Foundation - Loose Powder - Blush (SOMETIMES!) and she didn't recommend the whole full works. She told me that I have double eyelids and it enhances my eyes so, I don't really need eye liners or eye colors. My eyes already pop and I have bigger eyes than most Chinese people, so, I can save my money on eye make up. 

Here are a few pictures of my face and I'm all made up using Bobbi Brown and here, I used Benetint. I love the natural looking effect it has on my skin. 

However, my skin looks very sallow and to make it "glow" I need to use blush. Unfortunately, I didn't buy the Bobbi Brown blush because my Benetint still have 1/2 a bottle left. Since I spent more than 300MYR and I used my Maybank card, They gave me 2 free miniatures - Cleanser and Loose Powder. 

You know why I decided to get my make up from Bobbi Brown instead of DIOR or Chanel? Dior and Chanel are fashion houses, they do not specialize in make up even though they extended their branding to make up, while, Bobbi Brown is a make up professional, and has applied make up on thousands of faces and she would know more about make up than Dior or Chanel. Put it this way, would you trust Louis Vuitton to do your make up? 

I'm against make up but since my job requires me to meet with my "clients" on a daily basis, I would need to look presentable. And to look presentable, I need light make up and that's all I do. My routine is: CLARINS Double Serum - Decleor Moisturizer - L'Oreal BB Lucent Magique / Benefit Pores No More - Bobbi Brown Foundation - Dabs of Concealer - Loose / Compact Powder - Benefit's Benetint - Loose / Compact Powder.

I actually plan on getting their loose/compact powder once mine runs out and their blush! I'm into the whole natural look. If you're more flamboyant in your make up, Bobbi Brown is not for you. If you're into looking like Nicki Minaj, Bobbi Brown is definitely NOT for you. But, you could try Anna Sui or MAC. 

Bobbi Brown is more for those who are into nude/natural looking make up and make up is used to enhance themselves. Besides that, its for those who are classy. 

I do not use lip stick, eye shadows or eye liners. And I need my make up to last. So, far I'm extremely happy that I found my perfect routine with Bobbi Brown. If you plan on finding your perfect make up / foundation, don't be like me, drop by Bobbi Brown stores and the friendly make up artists will be more than willing to help you out and teach you more about make up! 

Till next time!

~you know I Bobbi Brown~
Michelle May

Bag of Love 4: Fun In The Sun

Remember my last post where I was deliberating whether to get the next Bag Of Love? Well, you know what they did? They were nice enough to tell us what products that will be in this bag!!! And yes, this bag is so pretty, summery and fun!!! It's so apt because the theme this month is FUN IN THE SUN!!! 

Let me start with the highlight of the bag and the main reason why I got the bag, DEFINITE brush!!! I finally own a definite brush! HAHAHAH.... I super love the brush! And it's a foundation brush too! So, I will definitely use it! It makes the bag seems worthwhile, right?

I got this big bottle of Vaseline as well. This is something I would try because it has SPF24 and like all sunscreens, you need to apply 30 minutes before you expose yourself to sunlight! 

When I saw the brand Clairol, I though that "WOW! Am I going to find Clairol Herbal Essences in TBL???" Then, I saw these. I have yet to give them a try but yea, my expectations were overshadowed by Herbal Essences because I LOVED THAT SHAMPOO!!!!! 

I haven't bumped into this Korean brand called Cremorlab and TBL was nice enough to give the whole routine for me to try! Also, I have yet to try even though I'm dying to give this a try! 

Last but not least, miniature perfume from Elizabeth Arden!!! I have lots of miniature perfumes and even though I'm dying to try it, I will wait. 

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the bag!!! Again, I still don't like the Vaseline but I'm getting used to TBL concept. Every month, they will include a main (star) product that will be the latest product launched in Malaysia or in the market.

Overall, I'm pleased with TBL because they have something for hair, body, face, etc... 

Till the next bag!

~you know I bag it~
Michelle May

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ADOPTED: Xixiley Juliet Ryderina

Over the weekend at the PetExpo in Mid Valley, the sister adopted a kitty cat from SPCA and it was a 2 months old, female, domestic shorthair kitten. Well, the whole family is crazy over her especially The Brother. 

So, our adopted collection now includes The Cocker Spaniel, The Hamster, The Rabbit, The Guinea Pigs and now The DSH. Our family is growing and yes, we have lots of love to go around.

Well, she's spoilt rotten by her (OVERPROTECTIVE!) parents AND their parenting skills clashes like crazy! 


All pictures belong to kayteeyelle, Karin. 

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What We Did?

After dinner in Bangsar, me, Madrekins and Karin went to BV to just "walk-around-and-not-buy-anything" and seriously, Toys "R" Us brings out the kiddie in all of us, grown women! 

First, I went crazy over the Monsters University toys!!! I SUPER LOVE SULLEY!!! and I really wished that it was my birthday so I can take em all home with me!!!

Then, Karin fell in love with super cute bunny with fluttering eyes! HAHAHAH!!! Then, me and Madrekins started playing fight with swimming pool thingamajig and weird stuff.... 

Well, I love toy shops and I really wish that I could have a little girl so, we can play together.... Without a child, I have no excuses to buy toys except maybe, Legos. 

Anyways, we had a fun day out even though we didn't buy anything, and yes, Madrekins had to drag me out of the toy store!

Till then, 
Michelle May

What I Do?

My version of a bad hair day, when my hair is not fluffy, but rather, wavy like I went for some hair thingamajig!!!! I can't say that I love it but I don't really hate it either, it is much nicer than my fluffy hair....

This is why my boss is cooler than your boss!!!! We are the least serious people in the school and when you have a crazy boss like this, you tend to be a little on the crazy side...

This is our cool, biker, bad boy colleague that recently got himself a super bike. Cool, isn't he?

It's been almost 2 months and I'm still enjoying my work. I still love my colleagues, if not more! and I'm still having fun...

I still love my little cubicle which I'm making it more homey everyday and I still feel like a mother hen to my "kids"...

Till the next post!
Michelle May

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


One of my colleague, Ah B who recently got himself a GF. We are constantly making fun of him. 

My other colleagues; Nick (L) and Eugene (R) that was mimicking Ah B that started walking with a swagger!

The students Papier Mache work! I loved the bunny and the little pink pig! If you think it was good, I'm in the midst of painting Eugene's penguin!

For extra marks, they actually made a Japanese anime mask! Just because they felt that their papier mache animal wasn't good enough!

We celebrated Nick's Birthday!!! 

My colleagues are so nice, we got Nick a mille crepe cake from Nadeje because I keep hearing about that place and kept bugging my colleagues to get me Nadeje cakes! LOL! They decided to kill a bird with 2 stones, satisfying my Nadeje curiosity and Nick's birthday!

I've never been the type to be asking people for jobs. Been like that, since day one and when I graduated and got my Masters, I ran out of excuses to get a real job. I didn't really like the concept of working and when the UNHCR told me that I was too young and inexperienced, I had to ask for help.

Somehow, God gave me direction on who to call and assured me of a job even before I went for the interview. And being typically Michelle, I nearly didn't make it to the interview. But, when I went in, they noticed my Masters and offered me a teaching position instead. 

Well, I'm super grateful and blessed. The department has about 9 staff and 2 out of that figure are female and one of them is me. Most of them are men. It's been great being here. I love my colleagues and my boss and generally my whole department. 

I've never been happier. My job isn't as stressful as the clinic job, my timing is flexible and i deal with students and thank God, my students are quite well behaved now. God truly works in the most mysterious ways because when one door closes, another one opens.

But that doesn't mean, I gave up on my dreams to be in the UN. Maybe it's not my time yet and maybe God feels that this is better for me now. But, no matter what, I'm very blessed and happy to be here. I SERIOUSLY, LOVE MY JOB. 

Till the next time,

Michelle May