Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bag of Love 4: Fun In The Sun

Remember my last post where I was deliberating whether to get the next Bag Of Love? Well, you know what they did? They were nice enough to tell us what products that will be in this bag!!! And yes, this bag is so pretty, summery and fun!!! It's so apt because the theme this month is FUN IN THE SUN!!! 

Let me start with the highlight of the bag and the main reason why I got the bag, DEFINITE brush!!! I finally own a definite brush! HAHAHAH.... I super love the brush! And it's a foundation brush too! So, I will definitely use it! It makes the bag seems worthwhile, right?

I got this big bottle of Vaseline as well. This is something I would try because it has SPF24 and like all sunscreens, you need to apply 30 minutes before you expose yourself to sunlight! 

When I saw the brand Clairol, I though that "WOW! Am I going to find Clairol Herbal Essences in TBL???" Then, I saw these. I have yet to give them a try but yea, my expectations were overshadowed by Herbal Essences because I LOVED THAT SHAMPOO!!!!! 

I haven't bumped into this Korean brand called Cremorlab and TBL was nice enough to give the whole routine for me to try! Also, I have yet to try even though I'm dying to give this a try! 

Last but not least, miniature perfume from Elizabeth Arden!!! I have lots of miniature perfumes and even though I'm dying to try it, I will wait. 

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the bag!!! Again, I still don't like the Vaseline but I'm getting used to TBL concept. Every month, they will include a main (star) product that will be the latest product launched in Malaysia or in the market.

Overall, I'm pleased with TBL because they have something for hair, body, face, etc... 

Till the next bag!

~you know I bag it~
Michelle May

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