Tuesday, June 04, 2013


One of my colleague, Ah B who recently got himself a GF. We are constantly making fun of him. 

My other colleagues; Nick (L) and Eugene (R) that was mimicking Ah B that started walking with a swagger!

The students Papier Mache work! I loved the bunny and the little pink pig! If you think it was good, I'm in the midst of painting Eugene's penguin!

For extra marks, they actually made a Japanese anime mask! Just because they felt that their papier mache animal wasn't good enough!

We celebrated Nick's Birthday!!! 

My colleagues are so nice, we got Nick a mille crepe cake from Nadeje because I keep hearing about that place and kept bugging my colleagues to get me Nadeje cakes! LOL! They decided to kill a bird with 2 stones, satisfying my Nadeje curiosity and Nick's birthday!

I've never been the type to be asking people for jobs. Been like that, since day one and when I graduated and got my Masters, I ran out of excuses to get a real job. I didn't really like the concept of working and when the UNHCR told me that I was too young and inexperienced, I had to ask for help.

Somehow, God gave me direction on who to call and assured me of a job even before I went for the interview. And being typically Michelle, I nearly didn't make it to the interview. But, when I went in, they noticed my Masters and offered me a teaching position instead. 

Well, I'm super grateful and blessed. The department has about 9 staff and 2 out of that figure are female and one of them is me. Most of them are men. It's been great being here. I love my colleagues and my boss and generally my whole department. 

I've never been happier. My job isn't as stressful as the clinic job, my timing is flexible and i deal with students and thank God, my students are quite well behaved now. God truly works in the most mysterious ways because when one door closes, another one opens.

But that doesn't mean, I gave up on my dreams to be in the UN. Maybe it's not my time yet and maybe God feels that this is better for me now. But, no matter what, I'm very blessed and happy to be here. I SERIOUSLY, LOVE MY JOB. 

Till the next time,

Michelle May

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