Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What We Did?

After dinner in Bangsar, me, Madrekins and Karin went to BV to just "walk-around-and-not-buy-anything" and seriously, Toys "R" Us brings out the kiddie in all of us, grown women! 

First, I went crazy over the Monsters University toys!!! I SUPER LOVE SULLEY!!! and I really wished that it was my birthday so I can take em all home with me!!!

Then, Karin fell in love with super cute bunny with fluttering eyes! HAHAHAH!!! Then, me and Madrekins started playing fight with swimming pool thingamajig and weird stuff.... 

Well, I love toy shops and I really wish that I could have a little girl so, we can play together.... Without a child, I have no excuses to buy toys except maybe, Legos. 

Anyways, we had a fun day out even though we didn't buy anything, and yes, Madrekins had to drag me out of the toy store!

Till then, 
Michelle May

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