Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bag Of Love 5: Asian Gems!!!

I'm beginning to like Bag of Love and I've been buying it for 2 months consecutively and their Asian Gems was absolutely delightful as well! These was in my Bag 5 except the Elizabeth Arden, it's my prize!

For the past few bags, I keep complaining about the shampoo because I can't use it. they gave shampoos for dry hair/ coloured hair/ etc. This time, its to help keep your mane manageable. I have oily scalp and I used this and I can say that it doesn't help with the oiliness but it does help by keeping my really long hair more manageable and less painful when I comb it. Might actually consider getting this product!

I love nail polishes of any sort this coral/sparkly color is really normal and suitable for daily wear. It spreads really well and the colour is brilliant. I like this but I have to put nail polishes on hold until my feeling skin has healed!

This was another surprising gem that I absolutely love!!!! It's strong to remove all sort of dirt or make up off your face and oh-so gentle to keep your face moisturized and soft. What's not to love? It doesn't have a drying effect on the skin. Very, very, good product!

I have yet to try this but I'm happy to see a Kanebo product in the bag! I cannot wait to try this!

I have yet to try any of these products because I'm also a fan of Asian Gems, and I'm on a "treatment" of Nature Republic The First and there's noticeable difference and I want to continue with it till my little sun spots disappear. 

As usual, the "menu" of the bag and overall, I'm extremely pleased with the products in the bag! I thought that I was going to be disappointed but Mimi did a brilliant job! 

The highlight of my bag? I won 60 capsules of Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules!!!! What's not to love about Bag of Love??? 

I'm still gushing over the products and it fills my heart with joy watching my skin care collection grow!! 

~you know i'm pretty~
Michelle May

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Animal Photography

So, I love having a photographer and a zoo at home. Pet photography with all the animals!!!

Meet Juliet!!!

This fellow is Napoleon!

Why take pictures of your pets? They have a shorter lifespan than humans and they're only meant to make you happy for a very limited time. 

Every moment I spend with them is priceless and what better way to keep all the memories, in a picture? I found Karin that is able to capture all the random moments I have with them. 

On the plus side, she's super, duper patient and yes, I enjoyed myself. Will have a shoot with the Cocker once he gets back from the clinic. 

~till then~
Michelle May

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kompleks Kraftangan Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Conlay

This place is right next to my University and I used to pass by this place every other day when I was doing my Masters. This place is right next to Royale Chulan, Restoran Seri Melayu and across Pavillion. 

You can't miss this place because the architecture is really Malay and they have lots of traditional Malay display units. 

Even though the place is right smack in the Golden Triangle, the use of space for little relaxation spots with a flowing stream is really remarkable. It suggests that the space is wide and relaxing!

If you're a tourist, you'll appreciate the lush greenery, comforting nature and relaxing activities in store for you! The place has lots of trees and it provides some shade on a bright, sunshiny day!

Our activity for today was Batik Painting. You have to pay to the staff and then, you paint!!! First, you can choose the many designs that has been prepared and there's lots of themes to choose from; Animals, Malaysia, Plants, Designs, etc... 

My very naughty students or my kids, per se... When you're in the education line, your students automatically become your kids. 

Me and Eugene's designs. I chose 2 elephants and Eugene chose an owl! Like I mentioned, the outlines of each pictures have been "dicanting" on 100% cotton before you paint!

I love arts and crafts because, in the land of arts and crafts, elephants are orange and blue! It's really relaxing and you'll learn a certain skill of blending the colors, in other words, color gradient!

In the land of arts and crafts, the skies are purple! Here's my partly done batik and this is just the base, I have to do a 2nd layer of color and then minor touch ups.

I'm just trolling my students while waiting for my painting and everyone else's to be dried. After it's dried under the sun for awhile, you have to blow dry it. 

I'm really proud of my painting, like a little girl! And yes, I'm such a show off!!!

My students are so hard at work and they're really concentrating and I'm very impressed. They did exceptionally well and they did a great job!

Here are some prepared batik to be sold as bookmarks! Made by the staff and I love the bright colors!

A little way down the batik printing workshop, you can see a wood craving workshop and the wood carver seems to love owls and noses. Very fine craftsmanship and beautiful pieces carved entirely out of wood!

Here's a group picture of us and and all my students. I enjoyed my day out and so did they and we're very happy people because we get to keep out paintings!!! *YAY*

Till our next trip! 

Toodles from the FSAT Game Development Team!!! 

~you know I love crafts~
Michelle May

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Secret of Love

Today's post is going to be quite lengthy and before I start, I want to give a brief introduction on the topic. You see, my title is A Secret of Love, supposedly written by Brad Pitt and it describes his relationship with Angelina Jolie, I assume. 

A Secret of Love was written by the actor describing his wife after her double mastectomy and how they were at the brink of divorce. She was absolutely depressed with life, lost a lot of weight and constantly crying. He decided to do something about it and what struck me the most about the article was just this line, "A woman is the reflection of her man."

This post has gone viral on Facebook and other social media and there's so many issues with the article that I began to doubt, if Brad Pitt actually wrote it. If you want to read the article, HERE'S THE LINK!

I'm writing this, to say that this is very relevant in this selfish world, where everything is all about "ME! ME! ME!" The article was clear that "what you do for your woman, will be reflected to the world". So, will you be the type of man who constantly puts her down? or are you the man that motivates her to be her best? What kind of man are you? 

I'm truly blessed to have a man that motivates me, pushes me to my limits and love me unconditionally. People like that are endangered species. In a way, he's my Brad Pitt and I'm one very lucky girl. My man is the reason why I'm relatively successful in life and I'm passionate about my self. 

If you've noticed me before, I was terrible. I felt like I was a stray dog, dirty, ugly, living was to survive another day and now, I feel like I've found a home that feeds me everyday, send me to doggy spas and most importantly, love me for the scraggly mutt that I am. 

After I completed my Degree, I was ready to SETTLE. Settle means accepting whatever card that is dealt to you. I was ready to work in a pet clinic (Even though I loved my job!) for the rest of my life, earning less than 1600MYR. 

I felt like, this is the best I can do. I'm not exceptionally smart, I'm average and I'm not Miss Malaysia beautiful, I had very bad acne all over my face and I was fat. I felt absolutely horrible about myself. 

Until I met my, now, Fiance. He pushed me, challenged me, motivated me and supported me. You know what? Over the years, he changed me. I blossomed. Despite feeling so intimidated and scared, I went ahead and signed up for my Masters. Not in any boring, old, NORMAL subjects, but in POLITICAL SCIENCE. 

When I had to write my dissertation, he challenged me, "Why write about Asia? You've lived here your whole life and you know everything about it, It's too easy" and so, I ended up writing my dissertation on HIS country, Nigeria. My dissertation was on the Economic Development and the Role of ECOWAS during the Sierra Leonean War. I wrote about politics, security, economics and stuff that most people won't be able to understand. 

Don't get me wrong, he didn't force me to do everything, but his way of doing things was to be super excited for whatever I accomplished and in a way, it made me WANT to do more and push myself. Upon graduation, I got an interview with UNHCR and he was so proud of me, telling me that I will be working there and celebrated it.

When I was unsuccessful in UNHCR, he told me that it was an accomplishment, it shows that I am good enough that they wanted to talk to me so many times and even if I didn't get in, I should be proud because UNHCR don't just call people in for interviews. 

Now, I'm a lecturer and he couldn't be any prouder. He tells everyone what a wonderful lecturer I am and if he had his way, he would tell THE WHOLE WORLD that I'm a lecturer. In return, I feel a sense of pride in what I do and I strive to do better and I'm very happy with my job. 

In a way, he's very much like my mother because they share the same trait. My mom is as motivating and loving as he is and it's safe for me to say that, he's the only one that loves me as much as my parents do. 

I blossomed in so many ways unimaginable to me, I feel confident because teenage kids (I keep referring my students as my kids!) can smell fear. Confidence is being able to walk tall and being absolutely sure about yourself and being confident enough to "FUCK SOCIETY". Back then, I was the anti Christ to the society's standard of beauty. Now, I feel beautiful because I realized that as a woman, you can never be skinny enough, you can never be pretty enough and that's why I do not conform. 

I could be Miss Malaysia and there will be people saying that I'm fat, I have cellulite and I'm ugly. Well, real women have curves, breasts, cellulite, wrinkles, laugh lines and a good amount of tummy. I stopped letting society dictate if I'm pretty or not, I tell myself that I am pretty and The Fiance will never let me forget that I'm beautiful everyday. 

Now, I feel like a million dollars and it's all thanks to The Fiance and my family. Truly, I am one very lucky girl. In conclusion, Men, please treat your woman the way you want to be reflected. Putting her down just shows that you're insecure and you're acknowledging that she's capable of being better than you, hence, you have to put her down everyday by reminding her how ugly she is, how stupid she is, etc. 

This world is not about "ME" and being selfish, we share this world with others and the world will be a better place if everyone wasn't so selfish. Let's start at home. Let's have a healthy, loving relationship so that you'll feel a sense of fulfillment. 

I want to to end this by saying that I thank God everyday for my family and my Fiance. Amen. 

"She is the most beautiful woman on earth and I was the one allowed to fall asleep next to her every night" 

Till the next time!

~You know I read~
Michelle May

Friday, July 05, 2013

I won and Elizabeth Arden!!!

Remember my MAY and JUNE Bag of Love? My May bag was a love/hate relationship and it got better with the June bag and one thing that I loved about the Bag Of Love is that, they have little competitions on their FACEBOOK page

And I won a 60 capsules jar!! How cool is that? All I did, was to comment on their page and I WON!!! I'm very happy and yes, really thinking about subscribing long term. Overall, I'm very pleased with the bag and I'm keeping and eye out for my July bag! 

So, to give you a heads up, do GET A BAG, LIKE the Bag Of Love on Facebook, wait for your bag and enter the contests, it's as simply as that! 

Till the next time!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May