Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bag Of Love 5: Asian Gems!!!

I'm beginning to like Bag of Love and I've been buying it for 2 months consecutively and their Asian Gems was absolutely delightful as well! These was in my Bag 5 except the Elizabeth Arden, it's my prize!

For the past few bags, I keep complaining about the shampoo because I can't use it. they gave shampoos for dry hair/ coloured hair/ etc. This time, its to help keep your mane manageable. I have oily scalp and I used this and I can say that it doesn't help with the oiliness but it does help by keeping my really long hair more manageable and less painful when I comb it. Might actually consider getting this product!

I love nail polishes of any sort this coral/sparkly color is really normal and suitable for daily wear. It spreads really well and the colour is brilliant. I like this but I have to put nail polishes on hold until my feeling skin has healed!

This was another surprising gem that I absolutely love!!!! It's strong to remove all sort of dirt or make up off your face and oh-so gentle to keep your face moisturized and soft. What's not to love? It doesn't have a drying effect on the skin. Very, very, good product!

I have yet to try this but I'm happy to see a Kanebo product in the bag! I cannot wait to try this!

I have yet to try any of these products because I'm also a fan of Asian Gems, and I'm on a "treatment" of Nature Republic The First and there's noticeable difference and I want to continue with it till my little sun spots disappear. 

As usual, the "menu" of the bag and overall, I'm extremely pleased with the products in the bag! I thought that I was going to be disappointed but Mimi did a brilliant job! 

The highlight of my bag? I won 60 capsules of Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules!!!! What's not to love about Bag of Love??? 

I'm still gushing over the products and it fills my heart with joy watching my skin care collection grow!! 

~you know i'm pretty~
Michelle May

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