Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kompleks Kraftangan Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Conlay

This place is right next to my University and I used to pass by this place every other day when I was doing my Masters. This place is right next to Royale Chulan, Restoran Seri Melayu and across Pavillion. 

You can't miss this place because the architecture is really Malay and they have lots of traditional Malay display units. 

Even though the place is right smack in the Golden Triangle, the use of space for little relaxation spots with a flowing stream is really remarkable. It suggests that the space is wide and relaxing!

If you're a tourist, you'll appreciate the lush greenery, comforting nature and relaxing activities in store for you! The place has lots of trees and it provides some shade on a bright, sunshiny day!

Our activity for today was Batik Painting. You have to pay to the staff and then, you paint!!! First, you can choose the many designs that has been prepared and there's lots of themes to choose from; Animals, Malaysia, Plants, Designs, etc... 

My very naughty students or my kids, per se... When you're in the education line, your students automatically become your kids. 

Me and Eugene's designs. I chose 2 elephants and Eugene chose an owl! Like I mentioned, the outlines of each pictures have been "dicanting" on 100% cotton before you paint!

I love arts and crafts because, in the land of arts and crafts, elephants are orange and blue! It's really relaxing and you'll learn a certain skill of blending the colors, in other words, color gradient!

In the land of arts and crafts, the skies are purple! Here's my partly done batik and this is just the base, I have to do a 2nd layer of color and then minor touch ups.

I'm just trolling my students while waiting for my painting and everyone else's to be dried. After it's dried under the sun for awhile, you have to blow dry it. 

I'm really proud of my painting, like a little girl! And yes, I'm such a show off!!!

My students are so hard at work and they're really concentrating and I'm very impressed. They did exceptionally well and they did a great job!

Here are some prepared batik to be sold as bookmarks! Made by the staff and I love the bright colors!

A little way down the batik printing workshop, you can see a wood craving workshop and the wood carver seems to love owls and noses. Very fine craftsmanship and beautiful pieces carved entirely out of wood!

Here's a group picture of us and and all my students. I enjoyed my day out and so did they and we're very happy people because we get to keep out paintings!!! *YAY*

Till our next trip! 

Toodles from the FSAT Game Development Team!!! 

~you know I love crafts~
Michelle May

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