Friday, August 30, 2013

Being A Fiancee

You might not realize it, but there's a lot of difference Pre-Ring To The Finger and Post-Ring To The Finger. It's really subtle at first and then, before you know it, you're no longer the same person. Well, same - same, but different. 

1) To Still, Hold His Hands When You Feel Like Killing Him.
Pre-Ring, I could just ignore him until he apologizes but, Post-Ring, I have to talk to him and I can no longer ignore him. The worst part is, having to care for him even when he made me so fucking mad, I could chop his head off with a cleaver instead of preparing dinner for him. Well, unless something like The Purge happens, I will be cooking dinner instead of attempting murder. 

2) You Have To Be Faithful, Even In Your Dreams. 
I need a disclaimer before I proceed. I DO NOT HAVE WET DREAMS. I HAVE, OCCASIONALLY STIMULATING DREAMS. Pre- Ring, I could be stimulated via dreams but Post-Ring, the damn ring even appears in my dreams and any stimulation doesn't happen. I can't even kiss a hunk in my dreams. I once had a dream that Jason Derulo proposed to me and when he was about to slip that 10 carats diamond engagement ring on my finger, I was already wearing my ring. And then, I got dumped by Jason Derulo. 

3) Walking Out On Him Is Not Permissible. 
Pre-Ring, I walk out on him all the time. Every time we have an argument. Most of the time, I'll be at my favourite bar drinking my liver away. Post-Ring, I can't do that anymore because, if I do that, It seems pretty stupid that I would walk out on him while I'm supposed to be getting ready to marry him. If I keep walking out on him, will I walk out on him after we're married? So, when ever we have an argument, I would just go to my room, have a nice shower, have some sleep and then, talk to him  about it. 

4) You Have To Be Classy
Pre-Ring, I dressed really sexily and I would flirt and I could talk to anyone and I could be really trashy. I could talk to guys and we would just flirt and play (Non sexual) all the time. Post-Ring, I'm FORCED to handle myself like a proper lady. I don't just open my mouth and speak to any Tom, Dick or Harry. Flirting doesn't exist in my vocabulary and I've learnt to speak sensibly. It does make me a very boring person but it helps with my work because I learnt how to speak like a lady, full of grace and class. Oh, the way I dress, I wear my skirts long enough to be respectful and short enough, to be sexy. 

5) You Have To Be Domesticated
Pre-Ring, I don't clean the house nor do I cook. I was the ultimate in being an Undomestic Goddess. I didn't know how to cook and I don't clean his house. Post-Ring, I cook dinner occasionally and I keep the house tidy, I don't clean it but I keep everything neat and tidy. My cooking skills is not up to his standards yet but I'm learning everyday. The reason being, I get tired of eating out everyday and when we have kids, I would want my kids to eat home cooked food. 

6) You Have To Change Your Lifestyle.
Pre-Ring, I am a night owl. I could club the night away, I could strip, and I could drink. Well, actually, I was great at all three! I was living the life, I was popular, I had a bunch of great friends, and I was having fun. One particular incident was being so intoxicated, I was dirty dancing with some Iranian dude, almost stripped and woke up in an unfamiliar place, smelling like the Iranian dude, a throbbing headache and next to a guy. Turns out, I was sleeping with my friend's younger brother and in his room. Again, nothing sexual happened. Post-Ring, I haven't been clubbing since I met him. I don't even know any recent clubbing events / whatever that happening in the clubs now. Sometimes, I do miss it. I do miss the lifestyle but now, I'm willing to give it all up for him. 

7) You Have To Accept Criticism.
Pre-Ring, I DO NOT give a fuck about what you think of me. My favourite line was, If you love me, thank you, If you hate me then, FUCK YOU. I planned on keeping it real and I vowed to never change myself for anyone. If they love you, they should love you for everything you are and also, everything you're not. Post-Ring, you have to learn that criticism is not bad, it's constructive criticism. In order to be one (heart), you have to give up, part of yourselves and he has to do so too... Two hearts cannot be one if they're separate, so, you and him, have to give half of yourselves up. Post-Ring, I've learnt to cook, clean, stopped clubbing, became Christian, and behave more sensibly and rationally. 

8) You Have To Include Family
Pre-Ring was really blissful because there were just the both of us in this whole world and nothing else mattered. Post-Ring, you need to include family members in everything! We have dinner with my mom occasionally and recently, his sister came back and yea, that's it, pretty much. I really do miss the good old days where no families get involved. 

9) You Have To Be Tolerant.
Pre-Ring, I was constantly complaining about him, He's always tardy, too stubborn, too annoying, too disgusting and I could go on and on. Post-Ring, I learnt how to tolerate and handle him better. For example, if I want him to be on time, I make sure that he's getting ready 45 minutes before the actual time. When he's being too stubborn, I tell him that "You're entitled to your opinions, I respect your opinions, so, please respect mine"

10) You Have To Be Patient.
Pre-Ring, I used to yell at him all the time and we use to have all sorts of arguments because I'm a very impatient person. He will get the nagging of his life if he ever does something wrong. Post-Ring, I just keep quiet and be patient with him. I managed to cut down the fights and arguments by at least 70%. 

~till the next Being A Wife~
Michelle May

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bag of Love 6

This is one really cute bag!!!!

That's one huge load of goodies!!!

This product keeps your hair tame, smooth and manageable!

This is a really good product. The texture is really light and gel- like and it absorbs super fast into your skin and keeps your skin really soft and smooth! I was really surprised with this product. 

I've been using Himalaya's Neem range to keep pimples at bay and this is also a good product. The Neem pack will remove all impurities and leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth!

This product is really popular to hide little blemishes on your face! 

I like Ferragamo's Signorina. Smells really feminine and light. 

I can't really use nail polishes on my nails as I have really bad hands, so, this will have to wait! 

This month, Mimi was super woman enough to include a novel! I was a tad disappointed because I was expecting The Great Gatsby or something. I own the whole Shopaholic series and it's a pretty old book!.

This was my prize!!!!! YAY!!! It's really feminine, light, breezy and sweet. I cannot tell you, how much I love this perfume! Thanks Mimi and Miss A!!!!

~You know I love you~
Michelle May

The Lilac Box X Tongue In Cheek

This has got to be my favourite box so far because it has all my favourite products in one box!!!

I received this in one of the previous lilac boxes and this is one very potent product to keep your hair looking beautiful and it helps in keeping long, fluffy hair more smoother and manageable. I was planning on buying the actual product from Sephora. 

I received this from another beauty bag and this is a very popular brand to hide your little imperfections and, keep your face looking radiant!

I guess that the Lilac Box loves Crabtree & Evelyn and I'm not complaining, which female doesn't love Crabtree & Evelyn??? 

I have to write a slightly long review on this product because this is somehow my favourite product, by far! Why? When I opened the box, there was a beautiful, soft smelling fragrant and it was from this hand cream! To say that it smells absolutely divine, it's not right. It smells really, really nice. How nice? It perfumed even the outer box and when I used the box to wrap my books, the books now smell like the hand cream! 

Was pretty ecstatic to receive a nubar nail lacquer because I've heard about it, that it contains no formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. It's safe to say that it's the healthier alternative to normal nail polishes. 

I actually received the same product when I bought my Bobbi Brown cosmetics and I loved this loose powder. Was planning to get the full size once I have to replenish my foundation. 

I've heard so much about this product and I didn't wanna buy the full size because I'm not quite sure if I would love this product and when I got it in the special box, I'm very pleased and I would be buying the full size soon! 

This has got to be one of my new favourite fragrances. It's ultra feminine, flirty, girly and so, me! LOL! 

I loved this beauty box and TiC did a really great job. 

~you know I love it~
Michelle May

The Lilac Box 4

This time, the box is ribboned with a Jimmy Choo sparkly ribbon instead of the usual purple/lilac colored ones. I love the ribbon and it's really classy!

The highlight of my box was this OPI nail polish. I was stalking thelilacbox FB page and lots of women were upset over their nail polish. I totally support thelilacbox over randomly selecting nail polish instead of 1 color in all boxes. It's quite exhilarating. But some women did went overboard with the complaints. Like I say, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter how fucking stupid they sound. OH! I was lucky and I got Call Me Gwen-Ever. 

I also loved the Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange hand cream which by the way, moisturizes your hand and leaves it smelling sweet like oranges, as if you spent the whole day picking oranges! 

I got this from another beauty box and I was gushing over this shampoo and how amazing it was! Pretty good that I got another bottle from the Lilac Box since I was running out of the previous sample size bottle. 

I was absolutely delighted when I saw these little beauties from Sothys and I got the Masque and Cream. I've loved Sothys and their products are top-notch, especially the Hydradvance range and it was really pleasant to find them in my box!

Oh! Besides the shampoo, I got this hair mask as well and I now have 2 little pots! The smell is absolutely divine and who else is the hair expert but, L'Oreal? 

I got this Hair Spray which looked really cool and suave, but, I don't use hair sprays so, I would have to give this away or use it sparingly to hold my loose curls in place! I do think that it's pretty cool because no other beauty boxes are giving out hair sprays!

I don't know if it's a patriotic gesture, but I got 2, not 1, but 2 Jimmy Choo miniatures!!!! How awesome is that?! The smell is divine and I will be keeping these babies in my handbag!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dan Brown Inferno

You've never seen me write about books because, the people who reads my blog aren't interested in books whatsoever. But then again, I've been writing cynically or people nowadays so, I'm just going to write whatever that tickles my fancy. 

I read a lot, some say, even, too much and it is really rare that I come across a book so blatantly open about the concept of transhumanism and yet so conservative around the concept of Dante's Inferno. I rarely have a favourite book and those who made it to my favourites list are really mind blowing and are able to affect me emotionally and change my perception of the world. 

Back in 2010, one such book that shook me to the core was written by Alighieri Dante. He wrote a three-part piece on hell; Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise. This book/poem not only affected me, but, it affected the whole Christian society, the sinful society and brought much joy to the Catholic church. 

I mean, the concept of afterlife is recollected and told in a "comedy" (Back then, writings meant for the general people are called comedy and there's nothing hilarious about it). Imagine being told that hell, really do exist and if you do evil deeds, there is a place in hell for people like you. Not A Place, but rather, 9 circles of hell. 

I was, one of those that was doing evil deeds and the 9 circles of hell, brought conscience back into my heart. It was then, I decided to believe in God and the concept of salvation. That was when I read Inferno and Purgatory. The last "installment," Paradise gave me hope, that not all is lost and you go through hell, to get closer to God. 

As you can see, the Bible didn't manage to change my religion but Dante did. So, I became obsessed with Dante. I thought he was intellectual and spiritual at the same time. Well, when Dan Brown wrote Inferno, I knew it would be good. AND I WASN'T WRONG. 

Brown's inferno is fast paced, action packed and filled with interesting plots that after a while, you began to doubt the bad guy and the good guy! I especially loved the transhumanism concept because I've been grappling with such issues, personally and if tanshumanism is a religion, I would gladly be a disciple.

The story of Dan Brown's Inferno is about Bertrand Zobrist a scientific genius on DNA and plagues decided to create a plague. I assumed throughout the story that the plague that he created was to wipe out 3 billion population of the world. But, instead, he created a "plague" that would sterilize 2/3 of the world. 

Zobrist was a brilliant thinker and I somewhat wished that the story and most importantly, the plague is real. But, it's not. If the plague was indeed real, it would solve all of the world's problems such as crime, pollution, diseases, over population, over development and generally, in my field of study, by sterilizing 2/3 of the population the world would be a better place. 

If you cringe at the thought of me killing 3 billion people, then you are not a thinker for the future. Imagine a pond, at the beginning, a few algaes here and there, after a while the algae multiplies and multiples until the pond is filled with algae, and it blocks to sunlight from sustaining the pond and at the end of the day, ALL THE ALGAE DIES. 

What Zobrist meant was, in our ancestor's time, it took 100 years for a new generation, as time goes by, it now takes 20-30 years for a new generation. and one quote which I absolutely hold dear to my heart is, "Mankind, if unchecked, functions like a plague... a cancer, Our numbers intensifying with each successive generation until the earthly comforts that once nourished our virtues and brotherhood has dwindled to nothing. Unveiling the monsters within us, fighting to the death to feed our young."

We're developing way too fast and Earth cannot sustain us for long. Put it this way, take Puchong, Malaysia for example, 20 years ago, there were very little car and hills and vast lands surrounds my home. 

Now, every, single, little land is being developed for humans and the cars on the road is congested beyond insanity and the people, the nice, kind people before? 

They became thieves, robbers and sinful people without conscience. That's the price of developement. That's the price of overpopulation. In Zobrist's theory, he believes that if 2/3 of the population isn't sterilized, mankind would cease to exists. 

Medicine has extended the lives of many, living way beyond their natural lives and this has caused a decay in society, a corruption in the DNA, resulting in our own extinction. 

The reason why I loved this book, is because of its ability to justify killing people or genocide. Look at China with its 3 billion population and how corrupted and polluted that country is? 

Now, if only Zobrist's plague was real. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Recently, I've been having a lot of "wahala" (Nigerian Pidgin for Problems) with Facebook and acquaintances on Facebook that have no sense of courtesy and respect. 

Here I am, on my Facebook page while reading Dan Brown Inferno and innocent me, decided to post quotes and ideas from the book and I had no idea that the amount of responses / comments from people, having arguments on my page would overwhelm me. Here, I would describe (in detail) 2 types of occurrences and why it made me angry. 

ACT 1.

I updated my facebook status. 
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter how fucking stupid it may be"

Guy B: Commenting, commenting. 

Guy A: I agree with you Miss Michelle (My students call me that)

Guy B: For no reason whatsoever, decided to attack GUY A personally. (AD HOMINEM)

I had to delete my status and had to "console" Guy A the whole freaking night. 

What I thought about it? I thought that it was fucking unnecessary for an older GUY B to personally attack GUY A and it was a waste of my fucking time that I had to "console" Guy A because of some stupid, ignorant shit that Guy B did. My point is, If you have nothing nice to say, shut the fuck up! You do not go around, trolling all over people's facebook to say nasty shit about your friend's friends. 

This is something that I was raised with, RESPECT. This is the problem with everyone now, everyone wants people to respect them but they forgot that respect goes both ways. If you do not show people the respect, please don't expect others to respect you. 

I know that some people on my facebook list are very sarcastic and cynical but there is a fine line between sarcasm and being an asshole. If you feel the need to downplay others just to make yourself feel better about yourselves, then, I think that you're a pathetic asshole! Words can hurt or heal depending on how you use it. And if it's on a public sphere, it's downright rude and disrespectful. 

I'm not hating on Guy B because he's my friend and I know how he is but, sometimes, I need to put my feet down. Please handle yourself in a respectful nature. We're all humans, No one should have the right to put another person down. 

ACT 2.

Student C: Miss Michelle, I have sended my assignment. 

Guy A: It's SENT not SENDED!

What I think about it? Well, since I'm a lecturer and he's not, he doesn't know shit about my students. My student's command of English is questionable because most of them comes from different parts of the country and English may not be their native language and they're trying to speak in English because I forced them. 

When you correct them publicly, they will feel humiliated and go back to their shells of not speaking in English. I'm their lecturer, leave the correction to me. If you don't know shit about my students, please shut your pie holes! Who died and made you their English teacher? It took me a whole semester to try to get them out of their shells to utter words in English and one comment from you made them feel embarrassed and shut them off from English completely. 

You think you're helping them by correcting them in public when you don't know about them. You know what? they didn't feel as if you're being helpful, rather, they felt as if they were being ridiculed. 

In conclusion, I'm not pointing fingers at who's wrong or who's right. They're all my friends and this is what I meant by internet trolls and keyboard warriors. This is my Facebook, Let me write what I want and I'm not looking for comments or likes. I'm just emotional once in a while and I want to rant and after half a day or so, my comments will normally be deleted. 

I also understand that some people are cynics and by cynics, I mean that people who are skeptical of everything. I am a cynic too, to an extent but to believe that this world lacks kindness, shows that you're pathetic. I'm pretty sure that you believe in the violent circle that no one in this world will show you kindness, so, you don't have to show anyone kindness. That makes you a grouchy, old, hateful human beings and I wish to rid the world of people like you. 

I'm a cynic because I do not believe someone in Nigeria is going to give me 5 Million USD but call me naive because I believe that there's still kindness in the world. Though I may not show kindness towards humans, I do show kindness to animals and I do, do my part for children and the less unfortunate. Unfortunately, the people on my facebook are those grouchy cynics that would probably grow old and chase little kids from their yards and I pity them. 

I learnt my lesson about social networking and social sites, the next person who pisses me off will be deleted from my facebook. I DO NOT care if you're my friend, etc but I'm a firm believer of RESPECT. 

Respect someone and you will get the respect that you want. 

Monday, August 05, 2013

Wedding Dress: Pronovias

After the proposal, it's time for the wedding. It's not that I hate weddings, but, I want minimal involvement as possible for my wedding. Really, I love colors and I cannot tell the difference if the colors are clashing. But, I really, really want a great, classic dress. I do not want it from anywhere else but Pronovias. I love everything about Pronovias! NOT even a Vera Wang!

I love this Gambia dress because it has a clean silhouette and it's absolutely gorgeous. I mean, ALL of their dresses are gorgeous but this one, it's simple in the front and sexy at the back. It's something unique with little ribbon "veil" on both shoulders. 

Urda is somewhat of a classic piece, beautiful top and very demure. Very fine and beautiful and also a piece of art. 

Dakota is gorgeous because of the clean lines and beautiful silhouette. I love it simple, clean and beautiful. 

I'm not a fan of folds and weird looking dresses but Georgia looks very modern and quite artistic. I DO NOT MIND putting this on because it looks weird, but in a good way. After looking at this a few times, I began to fall in love with this!

Uribe is a classic, simple piece but very breathtaking. I'm so confused because all of their dresses are equally beautiful. 

Here are my top picks from Pronovias and if you can notice, I like clean lines, beautiful silhouettes and gorgeous finishings and classic and simple styles. I'm not into gaudy, show off kinda dresses.

Pronovias is definitely my choice for a wedding dress and I've always been OTT for everything. No way, I'm settling for anything less. 

My dream wedding would be in The Westin, Langkawi on the floating pavillion and dinner on the beach but because of too many thick faced bad juju, I have to cancel it and just be happy with a traditional church wedding.

You see, I dislike a lot of people. People who brought me down and people who are happy when you're down and suffering. No way in hell, these people will be invited to my wedding. The problem is, these people are family. 

I do not need negative energy on the supposedly happiest day of my life. Call me a hater but, if you don't support me, I don't need your presence around me. 

This time, watch me fuck traditions in the ass. I've never been able to pretend, neither will I be able to "put on a show" this time.  

Those who got married and are getting married, do share your views on this matter. 

Anyways, since I'm not getting my dream wedding, I'm gonna get my dream dress. And no, I don't care if it costs 40k. 

Is it so hard that all I want, is to be surrounded with people that are genuinely happy for us? And love us? 

Till the next time. 

~you know I don't care~
Michelle May

I do not own any pictures here. I stole them off Pronovias

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Escaperoom, e@Curve

The only winner from the whole lot of us. But then again, they chose the easiest room! But, they still won! So, CONGRATS!!!!

TEAM EUGENE LOST but, had lots of fun!!!

Ms. Chew is still all smiley after losing!!! Hahaahaha! She's addicted to Escaperoom now!

 TEAM JULIAN LOST but they were super happy!

TEAM MICHELLE LOST but Michelle is such a proud loser! Man, Always stand tall and proud! We lost with dignity!

I love my job, seriously. Look at it this way, I always complain that I can't find anyone to do fun things with, now, I have 40+ students to play games with and the whole department that enjoys playing games! I don't think any of my friends will play this with me but when I told my department and students, they were so gung-ho!!!

I've been with them for 1 semester and after 3 semesters, they graduate and till then, we enjoy ourselves. Now, you see why I love my job? The Fiance is somewhat happy since I can drag everyone to play with me and he doesn't have to play games with me. He's not exactly a game person. 

Me: Dear, wanna play Archery?
TF: No, it's a stupid game.

Me: Dear, wanna play Laser Tag?
TF: Why are you wasting money playing games? 

Me: Students of mine, Wanna play Archery/ Laser Tag?
Students: YAY!!! When???? 

See the difference? Anyways, I would like to say that this game is super awesome. I got a student to pre arrange everyone into groups and he did a great job! 45 mins playing this game taught them more than anything I could teach them in the classroom. 

They learnt how to cooperate, respect and work together to a common goal. 

They learnt how to communicate and speak in a nicer manner to their groupmates.

They learnt how to think creatively and critically.

They learnt design.

They learnt to work under pressure. 

Overall, they learnt how to feel better about themselves, a sense of worth because of what they contributed during the game. 

If you have students or if you're just into fun and challenging games, do check Escaperoom FACEBOOK or Escaperoom Website for more information. 

The people are nice and you can even book your rooms there! They're just located at e@Curve. Directly, above San Francisco Coffee and at the same floor as the Arcade and Cathay Cineplex and right next to Lecka Lecka. 

Till the next outing!

~you know I play games~
Michelle May