Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bag of Love 6

This is one really cute bag!!!!

That's one huge load of goodies!!!

This product keeps your hair tame, smooth and manageable!

This is a really good product. The texture is really light and gel- like and it absorbs super fast into your skin and keeps your skin really soft and smooth! I was really surprised with this product. 

I've been using Himalaya's Neem range to keep pimples at bay and this is also a good product. The Neem pack will remove all impurities and leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth!

This product is really popular to hide little blemishes on your face! 

I like Ferragamo's Signorina. Smells really feminine and light. 

I can't really use nail polishes on my nails as I have really bad hands, so, this will have to wait! 

This month, Mimi was super woman enough to include a novel! I was a tad disappointed because I was expecting The Great Gatsby or something. I own the whole Shopaholic series and it's a pretty old book!.

This was my prize!!!!! YAY!!! It's really feminine, light, breezy and sweet. I cannot tell you, how much I love this perfume! Thanks Mimi and Miss A!!!!

~You know I love you~
Michelle May

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