Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dan Brown Inferno

You've never seen me write about books because, the people who reads my blog aren't interested in books whatsoever. But then again, I've been writing cynically or people nowadays so, I'm just going to write whatever that tickles my fancy. 

I read a lot, some say, even, too much and it is really rare that I come across a book so blatantly open about the concept of transhumanism and yet so conservative around the concept of Dante's Inferno. I rarely have a favourite book and those who made it to my favourites list are really mind blowing and are able to affect me emotionally and change my perception of the world. 

Back in 2010, one such book that shook me to the core was written by Alighieri Dante. He wrote a three-part piece on hell; Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise. This book/poem not only affected me, but, it affected the whole Christian society, the sinful society and brought much joy to the Catholic church. 

I mean, the concept of afterlife is recollected and told in a "comedy" (Back then, writings meant for the general people are called comedy and there's nothing hilarious about it). Imagine being told that hell, really do exist and if you do evil deeds, there is a place in hell for people like you. Not A Place, but rather, 9 circles of hell. 

I was, one of those that was doing evil deeds and the 9 circles of hell, brought conscience back into my heart. It was then, I decided to believe in God and the concept of salvation. That was when I read Inferno and Purgatory. The last "installment," Paradise gave me hope, that not all is lost and you go through hell, to get closer to God. 

As you can see, the Bible didn't manage to change my religion but Dante did. So, I became obsessed with Dante. I thought he was intellectual and spiritual at the same time. Well, when Dan Brown wrote Inferno, I knew it would be good. AND I WASN'T WRONG. 

Brown's inferno is fast paced, action packed and filled with interesting plots that after a while, you began to doubt the bad guy and the good guy! I especially loved the transhumanism concept because I've been grappling with such issues, personally and if tanshumanism is a religion, I would gladly be a disciple.

The story of Dan Brown's Inferno is about Bertrand Zobrist a scientific genius on DNA and plagues decided to create a plague. I assumed throughout the story that the plague that he created was to wipe out 3 billion population of the world. But, instead, he created a "plague" that would sterilize 2/3 of the world. 

Zobrist was a brilliant thinker and I somewhat wished that the story and most importantly, the plague is real. But, it's not. If the plague was indeed real, it would solve all of the world's problems such as crime, pollution, diseases, over population, over development and generally, in my field of study, by sterilizing 2/3 of the population the world would be a better place. 

If you cringe at the thought of me killing 3 billion people, then you are not a thinker for the future. Imagine a pond, at the beginning, a few algaes here and there, after a while the algae multiplies and multiples until the pond is filled with algae, and it blocks to sunlight from sustaining the pond and at the end of the day, ALL THE ALGAE DIES. 

What Zobrist meant was, in our ancestor's time, it took 100 years for a new generation, as time goes by, it now takes 20-30 years for a new generation. and one quote which I absolutely hold dear to my heart is, "Mankind, if unchecked, functions like a plague... a cancer, Our numbers intensifying with each successive generation until the earthly comforts that once nourished our virtues and brotherhood has dwindled to nothing. Unveiling the monsters within us, fighting to the death to feed our young."

We're developing way too fast and Earth cannot sustain us for long. Put it this way, take Puchong, Malaysia for example, 20 years ago, there were very little car and hills and vast lands surrounds my home. 

Now, every, single, little land is being developed for humans and the cars on the road is congested beyond insanity and the people, the nice, kind people before? 

They became thieves, robbers and sinful people without conscience. That's the price of developement. That's the price of overpopulation. In Zobrist's theory, he believes that if 2/3 of the population isn't sterilized, mankind would cease to exists. 

Medicine has extended the lives of many, living way beyond their natural lives and this has caused a decay in society, a corruption in the DNA, resulting in our own extinction. 

The reason why I loved this book, is because of its ability to justify killing people or genocide. Look at China with its 3 billion population and how corrupted and polluted that country is? 

Now, if only Zobrist's plague was real. 

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