Thursday, August 01, 2013

Escaperoom, e@Curve

The only winner from the whole lot of us. But then again, they chose the easiest room! But, they still won! So, CONGRATS!!!!

TEAM EUGENE LOST but, had lots of fun!!!

Ms. Chew is still all smiley after losing!!! Hahaahaha! She's addicted to Escaperoom now!

 TEAM JULIAN LOST but they were super happy!

TEAM MICHELLE LOST but Michelle is such a proud loser! Man, Always stand tall and proud! We lost with dignity!

I love my job, seriously. Look at it this way, I always complain that I can't find anyone to do fun things with, now, I have 40+ students to play games with and the whole department that enjoys playing games! I don't think any of my friends will play this with me but when I told my department and students, they were so gung-ho!!!

I've been with them for 1 semester and after 3 semesters, they graduate and till then, we enjoy ourselves. Now, you see why I love my job? The Fiance is somewhat happy since I can drag everyone to play with me and he doesn't have to play games with me. He's not exactly a game person. 

Me: Dear, wanna play Archery?
TF: No, it's a stupid game.

Me: Dear, wanna play Laser Tag?
TF: Why are you wasting money playing games? 

Me: Students of mine, Wanna play Archery/ Laser Tag?
Students: YAY!!! When???? 

See the difference? Anyways, I would like to say that this game is super awesome. I got a student to pre arrange everyone into groups and he did a great job! 45 mins playing this game taught them more than anything I could teach them in the classroom. 

They learnt how to cooperate, respect and work together to a common goal. 

They learnt how to communicate and speak in a nicer manner to their groupmates.

They learnt how to think creatively and critically.

They learnt design.

They learnt to work under pressure. 

Overall, they learnt how to feel better about themselves, a sense of worth because of what they contributed during the game. 

If you have students or if you're just into fun and challenging games, do check Escaperoom FACEBOOK or Escaperoom Website for more information. 

The people are nice and you can even book your rooms there! They're just located at e@Curve. Directly, above San Francisco Coffee and at the same floor as the Arcade and Cathay Cineplex and right next to Lecka Lecka. 

Till the next outing!

~you know I play games~
Michelle May

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