Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thelilacbox: Decleor Concept Box

I couldn't make it for all their unboxing dates so, I had them shipped to me instead and they were kind enough to do just that! Even though it was a long wait! 

But, isn't a true love, worth waiting for? I already loved the black box wrapped with a Decleor grossgrain ribbon!

I wonder how Thelilacbox manage to surprise us, girls box after box? I'm delightfully surprised at this box and I received an assortment of Decleor stuff for my body and face! I feel loved all over!

The highlight of the box were the Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Milk and Tonifying Lotion. I loved this ever since I got this in their first or second box. It's great that I received such a "deluxe" sized bottle and it could last me for up to a month or a month and a half. 

I got to try the Aroma Cleanse Gelle and mattifying lotion which was wonderful! I loved the gel texture which was a little cooling and very, very fresh!

I also got a little "ampoule" of Neroli Aromessence. I really like this and no surprise, after an internet search, it was voted The Best Facial Oil for InStyle Magazine for 4 consecutive years!!! How amazing is that? The liquid is really concentrated and 2-3 drops is enough for your whole face and it smells heavenly. 

I also got a little bottle of masque which was really hydrating, smells divine and also gentle as it is good for sensitive skin as well.

I also got this Decleor Hydra Floral Flower Nectar Moisturising Cream and it's really hydrating. The texture is light and easily absorbed. Leaves my skin feeling fresh, supple and soft!

I keep this Moisturising Body Milk in the office where the A/C makes your skin really dry. It moisturizes instantly and your skin is like really thirsty, slurping all the milky goodness!!

I loved this Post-Wax Double Action Gel to prevent hair from growing and keeping freshly shaven places hydrated to prevent dryness and irritation. It's very light, easily absorbed and I just like it. 

After cleaning all my animals, I would experience itchiness and I feel like scratching my own face. I decided to use this after a nice, warm shower and applied this. It instantly soothe my itchy skin and within a few minutes, the itchiness subsided. It keeps skin really hydrated, soft and comfortable as well. 

This mask has got to be my new favourite and I wouldn't mind buying this product because it's smell is so relaxing that it relaxes my whole body and after removing the mask, my skin feels instantly hydrated, soft, supple and I would continue because I have some very small sun spots to remove! 

I'm exceptionally pleased with my Decleor concept box and I've always loved Decleor products because their products are excellent for hydration. Every women needs to incorporate some form of hydration in their facial routine because without enough hydration, it shows, and that's when all sorts of lines start to appear overnight. I make it a point to drink lots of water, use a sleeping pack 3 times a week, facials at salon every month and facials at home every week. I use serums, 3 different types of moisturizers and I daresay that my skin has improved tremendously. 

I would recommend Decleor products to anyone and even though the price tag is a tad hefty, it works and it's worth it. There's no price tag on beauty. 

Till the next time!

~you know I'm pretty~
Michelle May

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