Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Recently, I've been having a lot of "wahala" (Nigerian Pidgin for Problems) with Facebook and acquaintances on Facebook that have no sense of courtesy and respect. 

Here I am, on my Facebook page while reading Dan Brown Inferno and innocent me, decided to post quotes and ideas from the book and I had no idea that the amount of responses / comments from people, having arguments on my page would overwhelm me. Here, I would describe (in detail) 2 types of occurrences and why it made me angry. 

ACT 1.

I updated my facebook status. 
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter how fucking stupid it may be"

Guy B: Commenting, commenting. 

Guy A: I agree with you Miss Michelle (My students call me that)

Guy B: For no reason whatsoever, decided to attack GUY A personally. (AD HOMINEM)

I had to delete my status and had to "console" Guy A the whole freaking night. 

What I thought about it? I thought that it was fucking unnecessary for an older GUY B to personally attack GUY A and it was a waste of my fucking time that I had to "console" Guy A because of some stupid, ignorant shit that Guy B did. My point is, If you have nothing nice to say, shut the fuck up! You do not go around, trolling all over people's facebook to say nasty shit about your friend's friends. 

This is something that I was raised with, RESPECT. This is the problem with everyone now, everyone wants people to respect them but they forgot that respect goes both ways. If you do not show people the respect, please don't expect others to respect you. 

I know that some people on my facebook list are very sarcastic and cynical but there is a fine line between sarcasm and being an asshole. If you feel the need to downplay others just to make yourself feel better about yourselves, then, I think that you're a pathetic asshole! Words can hurt or heal depending on how you use it. And if it's on a public sphere, it's downright rude and disrespectful. 

I'm not hating on Guy B because he's my friend and I know how he is but, sometimes, I need to put my feet down. Please handle yourself in a respectful nature. We're all humans, No one should have the right to put another person down. 

ACT 2.

Student C: Miss Michelle, I have sended my assignment. 

Guy A: It's SENT not SENDED!

What I think about it? Well, since I'm a lecturer and he's not, he doesn't know shit about my students. My student's command of English is questionable because most of them comes from different parts of the country and English may not be their native language and they're trying to speak in English because I forced them. 

When you correct them publicly, they will feel humiliated and go back to their shells of not speaking in English. I'm their lecturer, leave the correction to me. If you don't know shit about my students, please shut your pie holes! Who died and made you their English teacher? It took me a whole semester to try to get them out of their shells to utter words in English and one comment from you made them feel embarrassed and shut them off from English completely. 

You think you're helping them by correcting them in public when you don't know about them. You know what? they didn't feel as if you're being helpful, rather, they felt as if they were being ridiculed. 

In conclusion, I'm not pointing fingers at who's wrong or who's right. They're all my friends and this is what I meant by internet trolls and keyboard warriors. This is my Facebook, Let me write what I want and I'm not looking for comments or likes. I'm just emotional once in a while and I want to rant and after half a day or so, my comments will normally be deleted. 

I also understand that some people are cynics and by cynics, I mean that people who are skeptical of everything. I am a cynic too, to an extent but to believe that this world lacks kindness, shows that you're pathetic. I'm pretty sure that you believe in the violent circle that no one in this world will show you kindness, so, you don't have to show anyone kindness. That makes you a grouchy, old, hateful human beings and I wish to rid the world of people like you. 

I'm a cynic because I do not believe someone in Nigeria is going to give me 5 Million USD but call me naive because I believe that there's still kindness in the world. Though I may not show kindness towards humans, I do show kindness to animals and I do, do my part for children and the less unfortunate. Unfortunately, the people on my facebook are those grouchy cynics that would probably grow old and chase little kids from their yards and I pity them. 

I learnt my lesson about social networking and social sites, the next person who pisses me off will be deleted from my facebook. I DO NOT care if you're my friend, etc but I'm a firm believer of RESPECT. 

Respect someone and you will get the respect that you want. 

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