Monday, August 05, 2013

Wedding Dress: Pronovias

After the proposal, it's time for the wedding. It's not that I hate weddings, but, I want minimal involvement as possible for my wedding. Really, I love colors and I cannot tell the difference if the colors are clashing. But, I really, really want a great, classic dress. I do not want it from anywhere else but Pronovias. I love everything about Pronovias! NOT even a Vera Wang!

I love this Gambia dress because it has a clean silhouette and it's absolutely gorgeous. I mean, ALL of their dresses are gorgeous but this one, it's simple in the front and sexy at the back. It's something unique with little ribbon "veil" on both shoulders. 

Urda is somewhat of a classic piece, beautiful top and very demure. Very fine and beautiful and also a piece of art. 

Dakota is gorgeous because of the clean lines and beautiful silhouette. I love it simple, clean and beautiful. 

I'm not a fan of folds and weird looking dresses but Georgia looks very modern and quite artistic. I DO NOT MIND putting this on because it looks weird, but in a good way. After looking at this a few times, I began to fall in love with this!

Uribe is a classic, simple piece but very breathtaking. I'm so confused because all of their dresses are equally beautiful. 

Here are my top picks from Pronovias and if you can notice, I like clean lines, beautiful silhouettes and gorgeous finishings and classic and simple styles. I'm not into gaudy, show off kinda dresses.

Pronovias is definitely my choice for a wedding dress and I've always been OTT for everything. No way, I'm settling for anything less. 

My dream wedding would be in The Westin, Langkawi on the floating pavillion and dinner on the beach but because of too many thick faced bad juju, I have to cancel it and just be happy with a traditional church wedding.

You see, I dislike a lot of people. People who brought me down and people who are happy when you're down and suffering. No way in hell, these people will be invited to my wedding. The problem is, these people are family. 

I do not need negative energy on the supposedly happiest day of my life. Call me a hater but, if you don't support me, I don't need your presence around me. 

This time, watch me fuck traditions in the ass. I've never been able to pretend, neither will I be able to "put on a show" this time.  

Those who got married and are getting married, do share your views on this matter. 

Anyways, since I'm not getting my dream wedding, I'm gonna get my dream dress. And no, I don't care if it costs 40k. 

Is it so hard that all I want, is to be surrounded with people that are genuinely happy for us? And love us? 

Till the next time. 

~you know I don't care~
Michelle May

I do not own any pictures here. I stole them off Pronovias

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