Friday, September 13, 2013


 I found myself in The Star today... You can check me out HERE...

On a bright, sunny Thursday, after 2 trains, I finally arrived at the posh-est place in town! Can you guess where I am? Hint: Instead of the usual G, 1,2,3 Floors, their floors are called ADORN, MUSE, etc.. If you still can't guess it, I'm at Starhill Gallery and even though I'm very familiar with this place, I've never really noticed Starhill Culinary Studio at the topmost floor. Just the name, got me really curious, is it a restaurant? or a studio? or what? 

I was here to attend the Press Conference on Sweden; A Great Food Nation. Over the past few months, my department, Department of Creative Media, has been developing an app for the Swedish Embassy and we're one of the proud sponsor of this event, besides the Swedish Electrolux. 

What caught my eye about this press conference was, "I'm to cook and eat my own food". I've been to numerous press conferences back then, representing The Star (THE Newspaper!) and I've never had to cook my own food before! I had a problem because I don't cook and I don't know how to cook, let alone, Swedish cuisine!

For the record, I'm not developing the app, rather, I'm doing the research so that my colleagues can develop the app and I must say that, they did an amazing job! I cannot wait for you guys to play it!

It wasn't only me that didn't know how to cook, a lot of the media didn't know how to cook, but thank God, we had Swedish Chef Michael Elfwing to give us a step-by-step guide on how to cook each dish! We were separated into 3 different groups; 1) Halibut Lasagna 2) Corned Beef with Root Vegetables 3) Butter Cake with Elderflower and Rhubarb. 

This is me, marinating the pieces of Halibut in lemon zest, lemon juice, dill and parsley. See! I'm actually working! This picture was taken by El Zee. I think that he managed to capture my happiness digging my "paws" into the Halibut and tossing it around the lemons and herbs!!

I was in the Halibut Lasagna team together with Calvin (Tatler), I cannot remember her name, H.E. The Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia and with Chef Michael! This lovely picture was also taken by El Zee. This shows off our Swedish patriotism! Hahaha! 

I decided to jump into this picture of the Dessert Team because, I like to photobomb and I didn't think that photobombing was appropriate during such fancy event! This picture was also taken by El Zee. Didn't the pictures turned out great?!

This was the finished product of our lasagna. After lots of stacking and assembling, this was the end product, Halibut Lasagna for 25 people! This picture was also taken by El Zee... Looks delicious and most importantly, reflects all the effort that our team put in.

After cooking, we were treated to our own food as well as to sample the food from the other groups. Our lasagna needed lots of Salt & Pepper to bring out the flavour. I didn't eat the Beef and the Cake was too hard. The sauce was delicious but the cake was a tad too hard!

We had a photo graph session with Chef Michael, Celebrity and Actress, Ms. Lavin Seow and the Ambassador, H.E. Bengt G. Carlsson. 

This was what I got in the goodie bag! I got to keep the apron that I cooked in and a Swedish cookbook, Swedish CD and a Badge! I'm loving all my goodies! 

Overall, I had fun, or rather, too much fun! I liked the people and I enjoyed their company and I would like to say a huge, big, thank you to the team at Starhill Culinary Studio, especially to Paula Conway and Mel Anselm for showing me such immaculate hospitality during my short visit. 

I would like to say thank you to the Swedish Embassy for a great, surprising event, it is truly reflected on the Swedish food and culture for being totally unique. 

Till the next time! 

If you want to see more pictures of the event, do check El Zee FACEBOOK for all the pictures! And while you're at it, do check out his BLOG!

I had a truly, wonderful experience and I met many wonderful people. Thank you to everyone! :)

~you know I cook~
Michelle May

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