Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Empire Damansara

The Fiance and I live super close to Empire Damansara, in fact, we live right beside it, but, since it's relatively new, we never thought about visiting there until Texas Chicken opened. I loved the architecture and the little details like the wrought iron stairs, the umbrella street and etc. 

The whole vibe is very Western, or rather, European because the walls are very cobblestone like with a foreign influence. By the way, I'm trying something new where I try to see art everywhere I go. It is a gorgeous place and I really loved the art that they use. 

Anyways, I'm gonna quit blabbering and let my pictures do the talking. 

Till the next time!

~you know I art me~
Michelle May

August Orientation

Being in the gaming department, we, more or less know how to have fun. I love having fun and playing games and just hanging out with my students. This intake's theme is Assassin's Creed where they need to eliminate other "families" and I serve as the dungeon keeper. 

Not even 30 minutes into the game, many of them got killed and was trapped in my dungeon! We had fun and this is considered a small orientation and I'm already looking forward to the April intake! 

Till then, 

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~you know I game~
Michelle May