Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Swedish Embassy, Santa Lucia Celebration

I had the honor to be invited to the Santa Lucia event held at Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and was organized by the Swedish Embassy and the Swedish Institute. 

It was such a pleasurable, memorable and whimsical event because how many Malaysians are able to experience Santa Lucia here in Malaysia??? 

Prior to working with the Swedish Embassy, I thought Sweden was really oh-so-far and filled with snow. One of my Swedish University friend told me that the population of his town was 5000 and he would show me Google street views of his town and he taught me more or less about Sweden and H&M and IKEA taught me about Swedish textiles, culture and food. 

Sweden has never been one of my favourite countries because I can't stand stinky, fermented fish and the frozen cold weather. Once my work with the Swedish Embassy was done, Sweden became one of my favourite countries and I really do not mind staying in Sweden. 

The fermented, stinky fish that I was referring to, was called Silltarik (Herring plate) and I especially loved their smorgasbord!!! Silltarik is an acquired taste and once you give it a try, it's taste is pleasantly delicious.... I'm actually craving for it right now! 

Sweden is filled with lovely people and their hospitality is incomparable!!! Santa Lucia is such a magical event and I felt as if I was really celebrating Santa Lucia in Sweden! 

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