Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting Married - Bridal Hair & Make Up.

I wanted to scrimp on my hair and make up and decide on the cheapest bridal hair and make up until I discovered Air Brush Make Up. You see, I'm a huge fan of natural looking make up and I would hate it if I looked made up on my big day!

I wasn't a fan of traditional make up because it consists of too many layers, moisturizer, Concealer, Foundation, loose powder while I discovered, Air Brush make up only uses 1 layer!!! How amazing it was? I did more research but there's not many Air Brush make up artists in Malaysia because we're such a backward country!

Western countries are all using Air Brush make up for their big day and you can find Air Brush make up artist everywhere, but in Malaysia, you need to do some research and lots of searching. 

The best and first name that I stumbled along was Aivy Yong Bridal Make Up, But she wasn't available so, I managed to get Rynee of Rynee Tan Make Up. Here's an excerpt of what Air Brush make up can do for you! Rynee is based in Subang and she's super friendly and you can contact her for a trial for RM200 and if you like her work, trial payment will be converted into a deposit so "FREE" trial!!! My Day and Night make up and 2 hairstyles costs me about  RM1200. 

Air Brush make up is light/ non oily/ lasts longer and I love it!!! 

Another notable Air Brush make up artist is Raynis Chow Make Up and she's about the same price as Rynee but she's based in Serdang and the more expensive Air Brush Make Up artist is Ilox Studio which is based in Kuala Lumpur. 

So, I ended up not scrimping and will be posting all my pictures soon! And I'm super, duper excited for my pre wedding shoot... ON A FARM!!! in August!!! 

Here's my NIGHT/Glamour trial make up from Rynee. This is after 4 hours and my lunch of chilli pan mee so, the lipstick is all gone but my skin is still flawless! 

Airbrush Products
Why it is needed to use Airbrush products rather than those traditional way?
Airbrush make up has become more popular with the advent of high definition video and television (HP). Traditional powder or liquid based make-up can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible on (HD) film. As the make-up is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula.

What is the effect on using Airbrush products?
The formula can create an even,sheer,natural appearance to the skin that,if applied properly for a natural look,can appear natural and non-heavy like traditional make up.Airbrush make up wears longer than traditional powder or liquid foundation ,able to stay put upwards of 12-24 hours.Airbrush make up is also available for eye shadow,blush,eyebrow and lips and can be layered,shaded,highlighted and contoured.Application wise,the technique is more sanitary than traditional make up application due the artist never haring to touch the skin.It's also faster,if done by a trained artist.Fantasy and special effects are able to be stenciled or created by freehand.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Getting Married - Wedding Shoes.

"What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?And what if it is? What do I do then?" - Tangled

You know, during the wedding we all want the best. The most gorgeous gown, the most gorgeous shoes, hair and make up. I wanted my wedding dress to be Pronovias or Lucas Anderi. But The Hubby remind me everytime I get carried away that "We have a life to live AFTER the wedding"

We didn't plan the wedding with lots of money, we just decided where to splurge and where to scrimp. I decided to scrimp on wedding shoes because I needed 2 pairs, 1 for my pre wedding shoot on a farm and the other one for the actual day. I would've loved myself a Jimmy Choo or Manolos but I decided on 2 great pairs from Christy Ng and just my luck, they had a moving out sale. Their moving out sale is still on this weekend! (23/5/2014- 24/5/2014) 

I was about to buy my shoes in their original price but I managed to get 1 pair at RM100 off and another pair at 20% off! I spent 400RM on 2 pairs of shoes!

I got a discount for this because it's a pre-order and handmade and the original price was 280RM and I got this for a sweet 179RM. This is a Precious Pearl and I had it custom by replacing the brooch with a different designed brooch for an additional 60RM. 

Another pair that I got for the pre wedding is this Dorothy White which I got a sweet 20% its original price of 199RM. I loved this pair because it's not too high and it's really the sweetest thing you've ever seen!

Overall, Christy Ng shoes are really comfy and with all these discounts, it's worth buying and most of the shoes can be custom made to suit your feet. Compared to URS that is almost the same price and too little options, too high and no custom... 

Do your feet a favor and get yourself a ChristyNg. 

Getting Married- Bridal Trousseau

I dislike my own wedding because everywhere and (ALMOST!) EVERYONE is telling me to pay attention to the little details. I have OCD and I DO PAY ATTENTION TO THE LITTLE DETAILS but I'm tired from paying too much attention to the little details that I missed a lot of BIG pictures.

I ABSOLUTELY refuse to match my reception table cloth to the carpets or napkins on the table. The only thing I love about getting married is the shopping. The first App you, any new bride should download is Wedding Budget List by from the Apple App Store.

This app helps me to stick to my budget and organizes what is more important for me for the big day! Seriously, your wedding is going to be the most expensive day in your entire life!

I never thought I would use the word "trousseau" let alone, budget for it. But then again, I've always thought a basque, corset, and lingerie from Agent Provocateur and  La Perla was always beautifully exquisite!

BUT, I'm pretty sure PLUS SIZE Brides To Be are going to have a hard time finding the perfect bridal lingerie here in Malaysia like I did. Here are my top picks for PLUS SIZE BRIDAL LINGERIE FOR MALAYSIANS!

1) ModCloth Intimates   AND ModCloth Intimates PLUS SIZE

How about an Elegant Underpinnings Corselet in Black? OR...

Daytime Whisper Garter Belt? Just find the matching bra in store!

Or a simply classic white bridal trousseau for the boudoir? Like this Hip, Hip, Cabaret Intimate Set in White - Plus Size?

Or this very pretty Twilit Night Corset in Plus Size?

Or even this sexy black number? Find Time Slip Corselet and Thong Set in Plus Size



Or a fiery red suspender set? ASOS Amelie Lace and Mesh Lingerie

And I bought this in SIZE 14! Pour Moi Amour Almond Basque along with matching panties!!!! 


3) Herroom

This will make any bride blush!! Va Bien Full Figure Longline Bustier Bra 513

Or this totally cute Babydoll! elomi Maria Underwire Babydoll EL8501

I won't post any pictures because it depends on your luck if you are able to find your size! I had a hard time finding my size 38C... But they carry La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, L'Agent, Elle Macpherson... 


I'm not entirely sure if they ship to Malaysia but I hope this helps!

Thursday, May 08, 2014


After months of running up and down Putrajaya, Ampang, Damansara, etc, we FINALLY managed to register our union legally. It's still awkward that I have to refer to him as MY HUSBAND. 

We registered our marriage in Putrajaya and this was the office in all of its "splendor"

My witness and my Madrekins!

My witness is my sister from another mother Suha; this girl got my back and we have been doing a lot of "first" together, like my first piercing. 

 I was pissed off at the Hubby cause he was late. He really needs to change and needs to stop being late. 

This is the Hubby and his Witness. 


Our little marriage cake from Nadeje!!!!

This is just the first step. June onwards, we have to start our CMPC (Catholic Marriage Preparation Course) and finalize our church wedding in November. 

I'm very happy that i'm his wife and he's my husband. I'm even more happier when I'm surrounded by the people that I love. 

I used to think that love is all the fluff and romance. Believe it or not, I wasn't swooning, floating on air, legs popping when he kiss me. No. You don't feel any of those. 

I feel safe, secured, normal, and blissfully happy because I have someone who is going to be there to catch me everytime I fall. 

I was sick one day before the ROM (Registration of Marriage) but I was better one day after THAT. But, the Hubby wasn't and I had to go for a trial make up in Subang. 

The poor hubby refused to let me go alone despite being sick. At the end, he waited for me for 3 hours in the car while I did my trial make up. That's LOVE. Love is putting the need of others before yourself. 

The hubby was heavily medicated and poor guy had to be in the car for 3 hours. Think about it. LOVE is not about buying branded handbags, jewelries, clothes, etc. Love cannot be bought.