Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting Married - Bridal Hair & Make Up.

I wanted to scrimp on my hair and make up and decide on the cheapest bridal hair and make up until I discovered Air Brush Make Up. You see, I'm a huge fan of natural looking make up and I would hate it if I looked made up on my big day!

I wasn't a fan of traditional make up because it consists of too many layers, moisturizer, Concealer, Foundation, loose powder while I discovered, Air Brush make up only uses 1 layer!!! How amazing it was? I did more research but there's not many Air Brush make up artists in Malaysia because we're such a backward country!

Western countries are all using Air Brush make up for their big day and you can find Air Brush make up artist everywhere, but in Malaysia, you need to do some research and lots of searching. 

The best and first name that I stumbled along was Aivy Yong Bridal Make Up, But she wasn't available so, I managed to get Rynee of Rynee Tan Make Up. Here's an excerpt of what Air Brush make up can do for you! Rynee is based in Subang and she's super friendly and you can contact her for a trial for RM200 and if you like her work, trial payment will be converted into a deposit so "FREE" trial!!! My Day and Night make up and 2 hairstyles costs me about  RM1200. 

Air Brush make up is light/ non oily/ lasts longer and I love it!!! 

Another notable Air Brush make up artist is Raynis Chow Make Up and she's about the same price as Rynee but she's based in Serdang and the more expensive Air Brush Make Up artist is Ilox Studio which is based in Kuala Lumpur. 

So, I ended up not scrimping and will be posting all my pictures soon! And I'm super, duper excited for my pre wedding shoot... ON A FARM!!! in August!!! 

Here's my NIGHT/Glamour trial make up from Rynee. This is after 4 hours and my lunch of chilli pan mee so, the lipstick is all gone but my skin is still flawless! 

Airbrush Products
Why it is needed to use Airbrush products rather than those traditional way?
Airbrush make up has become more popular with the advent of high definition video and television (HP). Traditional powder or liquid based make-up can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible on (HD) film. As the make-up is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula.

What is the effect on using Airbrush products?
The formula can create an even,sheer,natural appearance to the skin that,if applied properly for a natural look,can appear natural and non-heavy like traditional make up.Airbrush make up wears longer than traditional powder or liquid foundation ,able to stay put upwards of 12-24 hours.Airbrush make up is also available for eye shadow,blush,eyebrow and lips and can be layered,shaded,highlighted and contoured.Application wise,the technique is more sanitary than traditional make up application due the artist never haring to touch the skin.It's also faster,if done by a trained artist.Fantasy and special effects are able to be stenciled or created by freehand.

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