Thursday, May 08, 2014


After months of running up and down Putrajaya, Ampang, Damansara, etc, we FINALLY managed to register our union legally. It's still awkward that I have to refer to him as MY HUSBAND. 

We registered our marriage in Putrajaya and this was the office in all of its "splendor"

My witness and my Madrekins!

My witness is my sister from another mother Suha; this girl got my back and we have been doing a lot of "first" together, like my first piercing. 

 I was pissed off at the Hubby cause he was late. He really needs to change and needs to stop being late. 

This is the Hubby and his Witness. 


Our little marriage cake from Nadeje!!!!

This is just the first step. June onwards, we have to start our CMPC (Catholic Marriage Preparation Course) and finalize our church wedding in November. 

I'm very happy that i'm his wife and he's my husband. I'm even more happier when I'm surrounded by the people that I love. 

I used to think that love is all the fluff and romance. Believe it or not, I wasn't swooning, floating on air, legs popping when he kiss me. No. You don't feel any of those. 

I feel safe, secured, normal, and blissfully happy because I have someone who is going to be there to catch me everytime I fall. 

I was sick one day before the ROM (Registration of Marriage) but I was better one day after THAT. But, the Hubby wasn't and I had to go for a trial make up in Subang. 

The poor hubby refused to let me go alone despite being sick. At the end, he waited for me for 3 hours in the car while I did my trial make up. That's LOVE. Love is putting the need of others before yourself. 

The hubby was heavily medicated and poor guy had to be in the car for 3 hours. Think about it. LOVE is not about buying branded handbags, jewelries, clothes, etc. Love cannot be bought. 

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