Monday, June 23, 2014

Getting Married - CMPC

A pre requirement in order to get marry in a Catholic church is to complate the CMPC which is the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course and yesterday (22/6/2014) was our first session. There were 7 other couples and maybe its the first class but I'm just not feeling it. 

Why? I started teaching Social Sciences last semester and one of the topic was Love. Emotions and feelings tend to get lost when you use science and religion. From the first class, I felt as if they or the church is heaping their expectations on us. Which is quite the irony because the CMPC class discussed about how the media and culture is heaping their expectations on us. 

I feel as if everyone wants to heap their expectations on us. I understand that marriage is a full time job and etc, etc... But, they (The church/Catholic people/CMPC) wants to control every aspect of our lives. They have sections where they discuss the Catholic / acceptable way to have sex, what is expected of the husband/wives, how to act and etc. 
I hope that next week will be more enjoyable or its gonna be a very loooong 7 weeks just to get marry in a church. I'm exhausted. I truly am. Bad enough, we have to handle visa issues, then, the church has issues and so many requirements and after this, Visa application and I'm supposed to juggle all of this with my full time job, providing pastoral care for my students, work to "sell" my own course, go for training, write a paper and plan my wedding ALL AT THE FUCKING SAME TIME. 

I'm beginning to wonder if anyone actually cares? Because I'm fucking tired of caring and I'm just trying to please everyone except myself. I'm trying to please the church, the Government, and KDU. 

I really can't wait to be done with all these marriage "pre requirements" and just be married already! Why can't they take one day at a time and not teach us 1001 ways IF each scenario happens? I'm really tired. Maybe I should just get knocked up to speed the process up and maybe then, it will be about me. 

P.S: In a room filled with adults, the mere mention of sex made everyone giggle like naughty school girls. Didn't feel like they were matured. Sex is a perfectly normal thing to do yet, they are behaving stupidly! 

God, please grant me the wisdom and patience to cope with all these nonsense. Amen.

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