Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting Married - Pre Wedding Gown

So, on the 23 June 2014, I went back to Enya Mareine to choose 2 gowns which I will use for my pre wedding shoot in JB. Debbie was assigned to me to find out the types of gowns that I would prefer. She asked me about the colors, "ALL WHITE. EVERYTHING IS WHITE" and then asked me about the cut, "Classic, simple, elegant and ABSOLUTELY NO MERMAID CUTS" I told her that I don't have a particular dream gown that I want but something that is  classic, simple, elegant and white. She then took us upstairs where we waited and she picked out a few gowns for me to try according to my taste. 

This was the first gown I tried on after putting on a can can. I immediately fell in love with the gown because it's sooo ME! It has little lace sleeves and the prettiest lace at the bottom of the gown and I was so excited! I found THE gown for the church wedding. I feel that the gown choosing is going to be fast! But, boy, was I wrong!!! 

This was how gorgeous the dress was. It fulfilled all my requirements. Oh! Dress choosing doesn't mean that you pick the dress and it's ready to wear, no. It doesn't work that way. You pick the dresses that you like and they will alter the dress to your size and to fit you and then, you come back in 1.5 months time to fit the dress. So, most of the dresses here don't really fit me yet. 

This was the second dress which I hesitated to try when I saw it. My mom and Karin was like, nah.... and Debbie coax me and told me that the layers of the dress will make great pictures! She was really good at explaining the types of the dress because I thought it looked like a dessert! But, Debbie was very persuasive. And I reluctantly tried it on.

This was the only dress that had uneven layers at the bottom that Debbie picked for me and everyone was breathless. The dress looked simply stunning. When I showed the picture to Hubby, he was like, "This is the dress... Did I pick it?" It's not my style but it was just gorgeous.

 I kept telling Debbie that it's not something I would wear but, since its my wedding, I'm gonna try and pick this dress. 

Another detail that Debbie shared with me was, the dress hasn't been worn because its halter neck and not many Asian girls can pull the halter neck look because they don't have the bust and it looked spectacular on me but it won't look good on a skinnier, smaller bust girl. And I'm in love with the corset back of the dress. 

This was the third dress I tried on and it was beautiful as well. This is a 2 piece gown, a full skirt and a corset top. This also looked great but it needs A LOT of alteration because the skirt was too big for me and the corset was also too big for me. But overall, it made a gorgeous dress!

This was how loose the dress was on me.. I love the full billowing skirt and all but maybe its too big that I cannot imagine how it would actually look on me.

This was the fourth gown that I tried on but I wasn't too happy with it cause it looked awkward. The waist on the dress didn't really sat on my natural waist. 

This was the last dress that I tried on that I shorlisted for the church wedding. It has 3/4 lace sleeve and a full billowing skirt like Kate Middleton's wedding gown. I envisioned that it will look gorgeous with a Cathedral veil. What do you think? They will have to do LOTS of alterations if I chose this for my church wedding.

Managed to make Mummykins try on a gown just so I can see how she looked in a wedding gown. We cheekily sent Daddykins a picture and all he could say was, "Looks good!" HAHAHAH! 

We had a great time and my "short" visit turned out to be 3 hours long! Again, I would like to thank Enya Mareine and Debbie for such warm hospitality that always exceeds our expectations. 

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