Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting Married - Pre Wedding Jitters.

I asked The Hubby last night, how does he know, if I'm The One? His answer was "I don't know if you're The One" shocked me because I was waiting for some divine intervention to tell me that "He's The One!" but he married me even though he doesn't know that I'm The One. 

But I guess, it's not the right thing to do. 

I asked The Hubby "Why did you marry me even though you don't know if I'm The One?" His reply was simply, "No one really knows if he/she is marrying The One. You just pray and live everyday hoping that the person you marry is The One" 

My boss told me that, "Whether or not he's The One, no one really knows, not God, not you, not anyone, but, the question is, Is he The One, for you? Are you going to make him, The One?" 

Clearly, I need some clear, fresh air in my head and The Hubby added that, "You might not be The One, but you're the one that I love very much and the only one that can break my heart" 

I'm still trying to figure out if he's The Right One but I watched The Notebook and stumbled across this quote that will pretty much sum up my search. 

I guess I got my answer, marriage is gonna be hard work because everyday, I have to make him My Right One. 

Please, share your pre-wedding jitters stories with me! Would love to hear them!!! 

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