Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting Married - Wedding Band

If I said that I didn't actually got my ideal / dream wedding band, would it come as a shock to you? 
I was willing to scrimp on everything, EXCEPT my wedding band (To justify, I will be wearing it till I'm dead!) and my wedding photographers (To show my children, grandchildren, etc of their heritage) 

 This Ballerine Ring on the right is my dream ring. It's simple, classic and the best part, it goes perfectly with my engagement ring. This ring costs about RM10,500 from Cartier. 
I thought it was obscene to spend that amount of money when I found out that DeGem my go-to jeweler was able to custom made should I require a wedding band to stack with my engagement ring. I got to know the DeGem team at 1 Utama personally when I got my engagement ring from their Lazare diamond. At this point, I was somewhat confused, I didn't really want to copy the Cartier one and the hipster in me wanted an obviously different /unstackable wedding band from my engagement ring. But, I wanted diamonds. LOTS OF IT! 
This was my creation that DeGem did a rough outline of. It has 2 intertwined rows of diamonds and with a X angle to somewhat compliment my engagement ring. 

So, I sent my engagement ring to be plated which was an easy job because its been almost 2 years and platinum is perfect for daily wear but I neglected to keep it clean/safe. Bumped my diamond here and there... So, over the weekend, after many prototypes that DeGem made for us, this was the moment of truth!

First, my engagement ring was so sparkly, I could hardly recognize it! Can you see the shine? It was amazing! Secondly, The Hubby also had a custom made ring, 100% platinum with a small, hidden diamond. Lastly, my wedding band is so PERFECT that I cried.

This is how the rings look like stacked. The X design on the band complimented the engagement ring perfectly. It doesn't over shadow the engagement ring but it brings out the shine and the curves of the engagement ring. Its like our marriage. When we're together, it brings out the best of us. Oh, mine is 100% platinum and total weight of diamonds are 0.2...

So, this is the final product. I can say that I love my rings very, very much and the only problem is, The Hubby is not letting me wear my ring until the ceremony in November when the priest bless the rings. 

The total costs for these 2 custom made wedding bands from DeGem? A whole RM11,000. Actually, it costs way more, but we are great customers and we are buying more jewelry from them so, we got a whole lot of discount since The Hubby's ring was already RM8000 and mine was RM5500. 

I would love to hear your wedding ring stories! Do send them my way! 

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