Sunday, June 22, 2014

Getting Married - Wedding Guest Book

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these images, I found them off Google Image search and credit goes to the original photographer / Owner of the images. 

I thought that it was ridiculous to buy a whole book when I only had 50-60 guests and, at least 10-15 of them are the invited guests, plus one or kids. 

And I thought that guestbooks are so gaudy and ugly and something that you put into a biscuit tin and shove under the bed. 

What I really wanted a customizable wooden tree puzzle guest book that is really gorgeous and it looks something like this.. 

It's gorgeous isn't it? You can customize it to 75 pieces, 100 pieces, 105 pieces or whatever that suits you! You can find it HERE. Unfortunately, I cannot afford it cause its 3.5 exchange rate here in Malaysia. If money wasn't an issue, I would've gotten this in a heart beat. 

So, I decided to be more frugal and since I can't find something that I like, I might as well make it, right? I wanted to do something that I could frame and hang in the living room. I decided to use these 2 as my inspiration and decided to merge them! I'm gonna get my Graphic Designer sister to do a silhouette of me and my hubby (Cue, Picture on the Right) and we are gonna make lots of tiny heart messages (Cue, Picture on the Left) 

And, just my luck, Papier in The Curve was having Sales, but then, so does the whole of Malaysia and I found this stunning device from Martha Stewart called the Layering Punch. You can punch out 2 types of heart, lightly glue them together to make 1 lovely hearts.

And I got these papers for a steal because they're from Daiso and a whole pack costs about RM5! And Daiso has really pretty origami papers.

So, I think my bridesmaids are gonna have their hands full!

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