Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GlamGlow Mud, Malaysia

 I read many rave reviews HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. There's actually too many reviews to link here. I've read enough reviews to actually buy the product! And no, The Hubby has no idea how much this costs! Why? Out of 10 reviews, I read 8 of them loves the product, 10 of them saw improvements in the products and the the other 2 wouldn't buy it again because it's expensive. And only 1 didn't like the product, AT ALL. 

I rushed back to Sephora the next morning, I saw it the evening before and came home, did my research and decided to purchase it the first thing in the morning. Anyways, I made the right choice because they were selling a gift set at Sephora and a teeny 34g jar was 240MYR Any variants ($76 after conversion) 

I got the gift set (240MYR) that comes with a 34g SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT (White jar) and a smaller 15ml YOUTHMUD TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT (Black jar) which was quite worth it! ($76+$24) 

I used a brush to put it on my face so it spreads better and I don't waste it on my fingers and I applied a consistent light layer. The mask smelled organic and natural. I drink lots of tea and I normally bathe with the tea leaves after that because it makes my skin so smooth and I recognize tea leaves in the mask. 

My skin is normally very oily and I tend to use at least 2 of those oil blotters every time and when I'm starting my menstrual cycle, I start breaking out. This is 5 days before my cycle. Ever since I stopped The Pill, I've been breaking out here and there. 

I tend to use concealer, heavier sunscreen, foundation and powder on my face every single day and it tend to take its toll on my skin. The picture on the left is BEFORE, I felt my skin was dull, I had lots of open pores near my nose and I felt little bumps on my chin. 

I left it on for 15 minutes (Was too excited and forgot to check the time!) and I used my Konjac sponge to remove the mask. 

I can tell you for certain that my skin has NEVER felt and looked so good! It's been 3 days since I applied the mask and my skin isn't very oily, because now, I only use 1 sheet of oil blot and I don't use much make up. I just apply my sunscreen and BB Cream.

And I can tell you that make up goes on smoother on my face and those tiny bumps are gone. I had a little pimple on my chin and after 3 days, it's gone. I was afraid to get the mask all over my pillow if I used it on my big pimple on my forehead. 

Overall, I would recommend you to buy the set (While stocks last!) and this is for Malaysia, if you don't already know. You can get it at all Sephora branches and personally, I think that it's money well spent. 

I haven't really tried on $10 masks that worked well that seems to be the complaints of most people in America on why they are not going to buy this mask again. In Malaysia, we're a bit deprived. 

I give this my seal of approval as one of the best-est and most expensive mask I've ever used. It really works wonders! 

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