Thursday, July 03, 2014

More Shit

This is not my picture, I got this picture off Facebook 

Instead of walking away, I'm gonna stand up and do something. 

I'm a good person and I'm damn good at what I do. 

I've made lots of enemies online because I'm too outspoken for my own good and I'm too opinionated for their liking. 

Unfortunately, their plans to hurt me back fired because, even if I have nothing left in this world, I have my integrity, my strong sense of moral values and my innocence.

Besides, my God will not let my enemies destroy me. 

During Mass, I was "awakened". Call it Holy Spirit, call it God, call it Divine Intervention but my message was to work for God.

When you work for humans, they take you for granted and it resulted in me, being burnt out and 
I have too much of misplaced anger and my emotions are unbalanced. 

So, I'm putting God first and dedicating my service to Him. 

Have a blessed Sunday everyone....

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