Monday, September 22, 2014

Pre-Wedding Pictures!!!

Last 2 weeks, we went back to Enya Mareine to choose and collect our pre wedding shoot pictures. 

Before that, let me ask you a question, Imagine you have paid 6K to hire a photographer to capture your pre wedding pictures and you spent another 500RM to fly to Johor and etc and pose the whole day and when you expect to collect your pictures, the photographer tell you that 25 images are free, subsequent images are charged at 150RM PER FUCKING IMAGE! Bear in mind, that you have about 120 images with them. How would you react? 

Well, that's what exactly that happened to us with Enya Mareine. They refused to give us the images, softcopy or whatsoever. They told us that we should buy our own images at 150RM /IMAGE totaling to RM15,000. Words cannot express our disappointment with them. You can see how I loved their services from DAY 1. 

They NEVER mentioned it to us about the extra charges and which person has 15000RM to spend on photos just like that? Its equivalent to $5000!!! We really felt that we were ripped off, and taken for a ride. It's dishonesty at its worst! 

Anyways, the hubby was really upset and demanded for the softcopy and they gave us  some lower quality ones. The 25 images were 5616 X 3744 and the ones they gave us 2246 X 1498, see the difference?

I'm greatly disappointed with such dishonesty and I'm contemplating to cancel my actual day photography with Enya Mareine. What I'm angry was, that, they caused me and my husband to have a huge fight on our most happiest time. I really do not appreciate that they surprise us this way and caused a rift in our relationship after I had recommended at least 4 sign ups to Enya Mareine. 

Here's some pictures that we wanted to share. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Till today, we have not finalized the guest list. Because we just booked the hotel for the reception. We wanted to be surrounded by loved ones. People that we love and who loves us in return. Not backstabbing, bitchy ass low lives or family members that DO NOT bother talking to us. I would love to invite everyone, but I only have 4 tables.

I've been hinting that its an "INTIMATE EVENT FOR CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILIES" but many people think that they're important in our lives. The people that are invited are the ones that I will save when the world ends.

I don't really have time for pretentious people and if you're not happy, don't bother calling my family to whine, give me a call, IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS.

I'm really stressed out right now and the last thing I need is some little whiny piece of shit to start a drama. I'm just saying. Some lifeless people are complaining that they're not invited. Actually, as of today, it's LOTS. 

But to my friends, It would be nice to invite everyone, I just don't have the means. 4 tables is all I have.... I'm having a headache right now with the planning.

I am on the other hand, extremely pleased to receive my wedding invites for about RM200 plus envelopes! I got the envelopes at RM2/each because it was an overrun. The Hubby went to Times Square to buy the papers for about RM40. The printing of the cards was about RM60 for about 100 pieces!!! How cool is that?! Oh, the RM60 includes 8 table numbers as well! 

Friday, September 05, 2014

Clarisonic Mia 2

 I've been stalking and reading reviews of the Clarisonic for about a year now. Even before deciding to buy it, I was reading THISTHISTHIS and THIS. When I was wandering in Sephora, I FINALLY decided to purchase the Guerlain Meteorites until I stumbled upon this LIMITED EDITION offer. RM590 for this Deep Pore set that comes with Mia2, Deep Pore Cleanser and Mask.

 If bought separately, Sephora is selling the Mia2 for RM550 and the Deep Pore cleanser and mask set for RM190. So, if you buy everything separately, it would've cost you RM740. I saved RM150 and I thought what the hell, just get it! 

I couldn't wait till it was fully charged for 24 hours (Man, it took really, really long!) and I used it once I got home. And I can say that its the best clean, my face has ever had! My face was smoother, my skin was softer and my pores were smaller!!! And I really enjoyed "vibrating and cleaning" my face! It's so worth the money and I'm in love with it! 

Here's some of my next purchase from Sephora. I plan on getting the Make Up For Ever Sculpting KitGuerlain MeteoritesEstee Lauder Daywear and Fresh SUGAR Lip Treatment