Saturday, September 13, 2014


Till today, we have not finalized the guest list. Because we just booked the hotel for the reception. We wanted to be surrounded by loved ones. People that we love and who loves us in return. Not backstabbing, bitchy ass low lives or family members that DO NOT bother talking to us. I would love to invite everyone, but I only have 4 tables.

I've been hinting that its an "INTIMATE EVENT FOR CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILIES" but many people think that they're important in our lives. The people that are invited are the ones that I will save when the world ends.

I don't really have time for pretentious people and if you're not happy, don't bother calling my family to whine, give me a call, IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS.

I'm really stressed out right now and the last thing I need is some little whiny piece of shit to start a drama. I'm just saying. Some lifeless people are complaining that they're not invited. Actually, as of today, it's LOTS. 

But to my friends, It would be nice to invite everyone, I just don't have the means. 4 tables is all I have.... I'm having a headache right now with the planning.

I am on the other hand, extremely pleased to receive my wedding invites for about RM200 plus envelopes! I got the envelopes at RM2/each because it was an overrun. The Hubby went to Times Square to buy the papers for about RM40. The printing of the cards was about RM60 for about 100 pieces!!! How cool is that?! Oh, the RM60 includes 8 table numbers as well! 

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