Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ENYA MAREINE- Actual Day Gown Selection

This was the first dress I tried on and I loved the length where it's comfy enough to dance, but what I didn't like about it was the slightly off shoulder/boat neckline that doesn't seem to flatter me but instead draw attention to my fat arms and the lace panelled back where you can see my "fei chee yuk" (pork fats) 

This was the second gown and it's pretty but half of my boobs are out! You can see 50% of my breasts and 75% of my longkang.

This dress is pretty but I need to cover up for the church and this dress is quite sexy and I kinda love the fairytale train and ball gown! And I need to see how it fits after alterations.... Sigh. Still no perfect dress. 

I'm not a fan of mermaid cut dresses just because I don't have a mermaid figure. I have a lot of awkward curves and random edges. I haven't decided if I'm daring enough to wear such a sexy and curvaceous dress!

I look like Beauty & The Beast that went wrong! I hated everything about this dress! From the color to the design!

I cringed at the color at first but the fit was absolutely perfect! I may not even wear a white dress and choose this gown instead! It's not too revealing but the color is very Indian. I'm not being racist but yea. Even though everyone said that it looked gorgeous on me..

This dress is just OK. Nothing to shout about and no WOW factor. It's just a simple dress I would wear to a product launch or black tie event.

I didn't like this dress because the color was simply terrible! The design looks unique but I still love something classy and clean.

This dress really put the glamour and drama that I expect with its clean lines and the fit was absolutely perfect, like it was made for me. It was demure and sexy at the same time and it was perfect! It even suited the purple/lilac theme of the wedding!

You've seen the pictures, Now, tell me your choices and I will pick it for the church ceremony and the dinner reception.

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