Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Red and Pink

It was my birthday on the 8th of October and I felt pretty shitty because, this is the first year that The Hubby isn't around to celebrate with me. He always made me feel special like my first birthday party, short trips and I don't even know how to celebrate my birthday on my own after 4 years. 

Some friends don't even understand what I'm going through and well, I don't expect them to understand. It's really hard when The Hubby isn't around.  The worst part, my health has been deteriorating since The Hubby left. 

Tony Roma's bought me a birthday dinner and walked around in Pyramid and when I got home, I saw this huge red and pink bouquet on the table. And my dad was like, "Oh, that's yours" and I was so surprised!!!!

The Hubby doesn't even know his own address and I don't even know how he remembers my address to send the flowers to me. 

Anyways, it really made my day and I love you endlessly too, my love! 

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