Monday, December 15, 2014

Make Up Haul: Givenchy/MAC/Guerlain/CLINIQUE/Bobbi Brown (SEPHORA MALAYSIA)

The first thing I saw when I opened Facebook was this beautiful image from Sephora Malaysia Facebook!

I was on the lookout for a Bright Red Lipstick and a Blush so, I thought, What the hell! Such a great deal!!!

So, here's my haul!!!! I'm soooo into make up currently, and it's a gradual process. I've always used Sunblock, Liquid Foundation and Powder and since my health deteriorated on me, I've been looking paler than Edward Cullen. The Hubby even said that I looked like a corpse!!! 

I got the Lipstick in 306 and Blush in Vintage Pink. And yesss!!!!! I got my Les Mini Prismes!!!!!

I've even added a courtesy/embarrassing BEFORE and AFTER picture. 

Besides my Sephora haul, I realised that I needed good brushes and I've been loving Ecotools brushes since like, forever!!!! So, I got them at iHerb and yes, they do SHIP TO MALAYSIA!!! 

So, here's my Ecotools haul and I'm a tad disappointed because The Skin Perfecting Brush was pokey and I sold my Fresh & Flawless Set because the website did not mention that it's smaller than the normal brushes and the only brush that I use with the Givenchy blush was the Tapered Blush Brush. 

Here's the height difference between the normal brush and the Fresh & Flawless Set. 

Not a big deal to some, but Yes, I have chronic OCD and it everything has to be aligned and equal. I used only bamboo brushes and combs and my combs have to be from Body Shop the Bamboo ones. But Thank God, I managed to sell it off to a nice girl in Kuantan within 3 days of posting it on Instagram! 

So, here's my everyday look so that I don't look so corpse-y. Liquid Foundation and Compact from Chanel, Illuminating Meteorite Pearls from Guerlain, Lipstick in Boy from Chanel, Lipstick in 3016 from Givenchy, Contour Powder from MAC and Tarte Mascara. The Givenchy Mini Prisme Trio is just for show. Such a waste to use it but, when I move into my new office, then, will put it there for touch up. 

After reading so many reviews especially HERE. One factor that sets it apart and prompted me to purchase this, is the fact that it's OPHTHALMOLOGIST TESTED! I thought that, if I'm going to use make up products near my eyes with some probability of the products going into my eyes, might as well make it OK. Hence, I got this. 

This is my Clinique Brush On Eye Liner in True Black (RM75) and a really awesome product! Not exactly cheapest compared to Bobbi Brown/ Chanel but it does a very good job and what more could I ask? OPHTHALMOLOGIST TESTED! 

It comes with a little brush but trust me, it's not a good brush. I had to buy a separate brush from Bobbi Brown. The liner is fuss free, easy to spread, fast drying and everything you would expect in an eye liner and maybe more! 

This was the perfect eye liner brush. I got the Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush (RM100) and it was amazing!!!! It goes so well with the eye liner and its makes a perfect line with just one swipe!!!! Definitely worth the buy! 

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