Friday, December 19, 2014

Make Up Organizer

Been shopping for a make up organizer cause The Hubby has been complaining that the dressing table is filled with "Clutter"! He's calling my Chanel/Givenchy/Guerlain make up, "clutter". When I didn't have any make up, and it was only my skincare, it was bearable. But space was never enough! 

I've seen one that I liked very much but the person selling it wasn't that friendly and took too long to reply even though it was cheap. If I was more patient, I would've waited but, my make up stuff was really out of control. You can view it HERE. I checked with her, and yes, she still have stock, as of December 2014. It costs RM120 AND SHIPPING IS RM25 (EAST MALAYSIA) AND RM20 (WEST MALAYSIA) 

Next, I saw the Glam Caddy (RM59) on Rakuten and I liked it too because it's like a beautiful stand that you find at Parkson where they display all their make up and stuff. I like feeling like I'm shopping for my make up in the morning. The only difference is, I own it. HAHAHAH. Call me weird. 

I didn't buy this because I watched the video and the thing squeaks. Like, it squeaks, every time you turn it and I don't like it. I even read some reviews HERE and some complained of flimsy plastic/ not sturdy/etc. 

Then, while searching #makeuporganizer, I found Romana on Instagram and her  FACEBOOK and she brings in these amazing makeup organizers. I bought it because it's sturdy, made from acrylic and NOT PLASTIC. and the finishings on the product is extremely beautiful. It's made in Taiwan and it's very high quality. I got this at Parkson in Pavillion for RM160 (5% Tourist Discount from Hubby) so I paid RM152 ONLY. 

I love the little lipstick holders that makes my sad excuse of a dressing table look like the display countertops at Parkson! I'm growing my lipstick collection and I love Chanel's so, it's going to take some time. But it has ample space and it's just gorgeous!

Here's some pictures of a filled makeup organizer. I have space for everything and even more for my collection to grow! And this includes some of hubby's barang "solek"! HAHAHAHAH!!! OH! I'm also trying to phase out my ecotools and only use Bobbi Brown's brushes. I have to say that Bobbi Brown Brushes are extremely useful to me and I will write another post soon. 

So, if you're in Malaysia and you need makeup storage, hope this post helps!

Or, you can also check MUJI out! 

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