Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Short MiniMoon & Flamingo By The Beach HAUNTED!

 After the whole fiasco of a wedding, Hubby decided to go to Penang for a short minimoon since our first holiday was in Penang, We had dinner at such a romantic restaurant called Tree Monkey that was so remote, it wasn't listed on Waze or the BMW's GPS. 

And things just didn't go our way since, I literally danced till I couldn't walk anymore and I needed lots and lots of bed rest. Then, I was so stressed that I got mothafucking Candida!!!!! Seriously, fuck my life! 

And we got a fucking haunted hotel room where we were both "attacked" and many weird things happening like, I was nearly crushed by a falling banister, yes, a whole piece of metal missed me, by cms! and someone from Citibank kept calling me and, I have no business with Citibank nor did the phone even rang and we were in our room. 

Anyways, the hotel was Flamingo By The Beach, Penang. We actually stayed here because we stayed here on our first trip together and we wanted to come back and sadly, all the did was to change our room when we complained about the "attacks". 

What happened was: It was in the afternoon, when The Hubby was sleeping and I was reading and watching the TV. I heard him mumble, "Who are you?" "What are you doing here?" in a shocked manner and I couldn't wake him up and he was struggling. As I tried to open the sliding door to the balcony, a huge chunk of metal fell and missed me by centimetres and the crash was loud enough to wake The Hubby up. 

He later told me that he saw a fair skinned man, sitting on the edge of our bed, looking at us, wearing a white long sleeved shirt, tucked into a khaki pants. He looked like those British India people. When my husband asked him "Who are you?" The entity refused to reply but, he just looked at us with a distant look in his eyes. And The Hubby couldn't move. He felt as if he was held down.

Me, being the scientific person told him about Sleep Paralysis which some people might associate with evil spirits and demonic entity, but it's actually just a psychological thing. In a nutshell, your body shuts down but your brain is still awake and  I kept telling him about that. And I dismissed him entirely. 

Until at night, when I just fell asleep, I saw the same British India fair skinned man and I couldn't move. In fact, I saw a shadow on top of me holding my shoulders down to the bed and I kept scratching at it until I thought about Jesus Christ, it disappeared and I felt release! 

The Hubby saw me fighting and he also couldn't wake me up. We immediately packed and went to the reception and demanded that they change our rooms. It was about 2AM. 

We couldn't sleep even in the new room and we left first thing after breakfast. We spoke to the manager and he wasn't able to do anything. We expected them to do more. I could've been killed by a falling piece of metal, We definitely did not experience any comfort. And now, we are definitely not going back. 

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