Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Random Rants

I get really uncomfortable whenever anyone asks about my opinion on Malaysia politics. This recent conversation made me extraordinarily uncomfortable that I felt the need to write it down: 

So-and-so: What did you study for your Masters?
Me: Political Science / International Relations.
So-and-so: Waaah!!!! What do you think of Malaysia politics?
Me: *facepalm* Erm, I'm not interested in Malaysian politics. It's a satirical comedy. 
So-and-so: Then why did you waste your parents money to study so much??? Malaysian politics not good enough ah?
Me: I'm just, more interested in Terrorism and Diplomacy. My research paper was on terrorism and counter terrorism in Africa. We live in a big world, Malaysian politics isn't EVERYTHING we learn! 
So-and-so: Ahhh.... No wonder, you're a lecturer!!! 

SIGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Trust me, I don't get it as well. 

If I'm going to go all technical using Economics analogy, Malaysian politics is "micro-politics" and I'm more interested in "Macro-politics". How the world works and how globalisation has made all countries interdependent of each other. 

I'm blessed enough to be able to be the pioneer batch for The University of Nottingham's Masters in International Relations program. 

I highly recommend this program to everyone that has an interest in International Relations. The course really broadened my views and I never could fathom how or why I would be so interested in IR. 

Recently, I just applied to do my PhD in the University of Bucharest, Berlin because I personally, feel that, there's so much of negativity in the world. I just want to make a difference. 

Even though, I haven't written any papers in 2 years, I still read research papers/ academic journals 
and I'm still pretty much up-to-date with all the researches and think tanks that are managing crisis. 

I'm very passionate about this topic and coming from an middle income family, I have next to nothing to fund my PhD. I need about RM100,000 for 3 years just for tuition fees. I plan to apply for a scholarship to fund my living expenses. 

My lovely mother, on the other hand, has drew a line at my Masters and I have to find 100k by July to fund my studies. 

You must be wondering why I choose Berlin, well, because it's a 3 years PhD programme and I just have to spend 1 year there and for Year 2 and Year 3, I spend about a month or so in campus. Classes and prep for my paper, will be done within a year. It's flexible and I fulfil all the requirements. 

I'm really praying for a miracle for the funds! Would you help me? In return, I will write a heartfelt gratitude to you in my thesis paper. Pretty please? 

Right now, here's how I'm feeling!

I got this pretty picture from ChristianMotivations

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