Monday, February 16, 2015


So, for the past 2 months now, I've been "suffering" from:

1) Sore and tender breasts and nipples. 
2) Very lethargic and no energy whatsoever. 
3) Nauseous. 

And I did at least 7 home pregnancy tests and even went to my gynae for a check up. EVERYTHING WAS NEGATIVE! EVEN THE ULTRASOUND WAS NEGATIVE! My gynae then, gave me a pack of medication that will make me menstruate but somehow, I didn't take it. 

I just had a feeling and it felt so horrible that everything was coming out negative and me and The Hubby was the only one who knew I was pregnant. 

Last Monday things turned even worst! These are my symptoms.

 1) Vomiting. (Nearly vomited on my student on the way to work)
 2) Headaches. (Could barely wake up in the morning)
 3) Extremely sore breasts and painful nipples. 
 4) My skirts no longer fit. 
 5) Nauseous. 
 6) Loss of appetite. 
 7) Constantly hungry. 
 8) Changes in appetite. 
 9) Horribly vivid dreams. 

So, This morning, I just peed on a stick and I was used to seeing negatives, I was sooo shocked to see a positive! 

Rushed to the hospital and did an ultrasound and lo and behold, IT'S A LITTLE DOT!!!

We've never been so excited about a little dot. 

God has been so good to us. 

I've been praying that I'm His sheep and I want Him to be my Shepherd. 

I didn't have money for my PhD and I was worried about my myriad of health problems that will hinder pregnancies and I constantly pray that He will be my Shepherd and He will lead me. I will follow His will. 

As I was lying there for my ultrasound and the dr, asked The Hubby to come and see his child, The Hubby had this extremely excited and happy look on his face. 

I haven't fully grasped the enormity of this pregnancy yet, so, I'm still calm.

Right now, I'm still feeling so sick from all these vomiting and lack of energy. 

My next appointment with my dr is in March. Hope to post baby's first pictures then!  

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