Saturday, February 21, 2015


Wow!!!! 1 More week and I'm OFFICIALLY 2 MONTHS!!! Hahahahaha! 

I'm so thankful/grateful/blessed for the CNY holidays and I managed to rest for 2 weeks, AT LEAST! I haven't been working AT ALL. Been lying on my back, watching TV, vomiting, eating and visiting my parents and sleeping. 

SO, here's a summary of what has been going on with my body!

1) My breast are horribly sore and painful. I have problems sleeping on my side right now. 
While reading all these pregnancy books, I find that it's only gonna be worst! FML. 

2) Haven't really been vomiting that much but that's also cause I haven't exactly been eating that much also. 

3) Still feeling very nauseous and I really hope this feeling goes away by the 2nd trimester. 

4) I burp and fart so much and it's uncontrollable. It's embarrassing and if it happens in public, I blame the husband! HAHAHAH! He's already guilty cause he's black and I don't mind letting him take the blame for releasing noxious gas in public.

5) There's so many CNY cookies that I would love to eat but I really have no appetite for them. I love eating and I cannot wait for the time I'm gonna be eating for two! 

6) I'm still tired most of the time, I normally have a short nap at about 3PM. Those who knows me, knows that I don't nap, AT ALL. 

7) I'm still having vivid dreams and just last night, I dreamt that I wrangled a huge ass snake! It was pretty scary!

8) I'm being very careful of the baby. I'm so scared if anything happens to the baby. But, I'm only human, what can I do? Read the Bible and decided to leave it to God. He blessed us with a miracle (Will explain why later) and He will keep us safe. 

9) I enjoy looking at baby things. And just ordered my baby journal! :)

10) I got pretty crazy. Been shouting and hurling abuses at the hubby these past 2 days. I hate myself for it and all he was trying to do was give me hugs and kisses. 


1) I've ALWAYS had hormone imbalance. Since FOREVER. Drs told me countless times that it's going to be hard to conceive. 

2) I'm a horrible, disgusting and ungrateful sinner. If I was God, I would hate me. 

3)  The baby was an answer to my prayers because I lost my direction in life. 

4) I could've destroyed the baby in its 1st month of developement should I have heeded the advice of my OB-GYN and didn't listen to God. 

5) God has been keeping the baby safe through amazing ways. All I can do is, my best for the baby.

6) All babies are miracles from God. I know that now. 

7) I may not like babies and might even be afraid of them, but, I have a feeling that I will love this one to bits and I will be willing to die for it.

8) I was off the pill for less than a year after being on the pill for 4 years. Read so many articles that it will be hard to conceive since I was on the pill for quite some time. 

9) I shall continue this once my mind is more clear. 

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Nanie Ali said...

I'm so happy for you and husband, Michelle. I'll keep you and the baby in my prayers. Can't wait to see the first photo :)