Friday, March 27, 2015


I decided to start selling 100% organic and natural products suitable for expecting mamas and some stuff for baby. For now, since I use these products myself, I only have a few products. If you're interested, please, please, e-mail me! I'll want to bring more products in! I'm really comfortable and for now, I only use Earth Mama Angel Baby line because I admire their heritage of planting their own herbs, and making their own products by hand.

Our babies deserve the best of nature! I import them from USA and so, my products don't have GST! HAHAHAH!

Here's 2 of their best selling products that I have with me currently. First come first serve and if I manage to sell it off, will definitely be bringing in more stuff.

This is the Mama-To-Be Pregnancy Kit which contains everything to soothe an expecting mama. The kit contains: 
1) Earth Mama Body Butter (60 ml)
2) Happy Mama body Wash (50 ml)
3) Happy Mama Spray (30 ml)
4) Natural Stretch Oil (30 ml)
5) 2 packs of Morning Wellness Tea.


This is the Organic Morning Wellness Tea that helps with morning sickness and nausea. I know that it works because I love tea and I also have a horrible case of nausea and morning sickness. 

There's Ginger and Mint and it really soothes my stomach and it feels calm and yummy. No more queasy feeling. This box contains 16 tea bags and expires on April 2017. 


I decided to sell these because I couldn't really find 100% organic and natural products in Malaysia. As a mom, I really appreciate the wonders of these products. It really helps with the uncomfortable side of pregnancy. 

If you're interested, do drop me an e-mail at or visit my shop at Carousell

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Penang With Eunice

We were really lucky to travel to Penang during MyTeksi RM5 to anywhere on Penang Island promo period. This offer is valid the whole month of March and I was also luckily selected as one of the winners of Tak Yah Mafan! and won RM50 so, technically, all my taxi rides in Penang was FREE!!!! 

Eunice is seriously one of the best travel companions I ever had because we were eating from the moment the plane landed till the moment we left Penang! We also did a lot of walking and we has the best of everything Penang has to offer!

The first place we went with MyTeksi, was to Teochew Chendol in Lebuh Keng Kwee for THE BEST CENDOL, ASSAM LAKSA AND PRAWN NOODLE!

Then, we took MyTeksi to visit the popular Armenian Street! It was fun because some paintings were hidden and it was fun looking for them! 

We met many friendly Penangites and seriously, this is the first time, I really didn't want to return to KL. I wanna open a little cafe/boulangerie on Armenian Street. 

We met a sailor who has sailed the whole world and told us about his adventures over frosty coconut ice cream and fresh coconut juice. We met a "musician" that plays pots and pans and allowed us to join him and play with his racket guitar as he raised money for St. Joseph's home in Thailand. 

The best part, we loved talking to all the MyTeksi drivers and one particular driver that really stood out, was Gurubaren A/L Muthusamy that made the trip from Trader's Hotel to the airport a little more pleasant!

I've had many, positive experiences with Penang MyTeksi drivers and Myteksi is really doing a great job over there! 

It's such a hassle to be driving to Penang, and driving all over Penang, looking for a parking and I don't even know the way! MyTeksi has been a God sent! 

MyTeksi DID NOT PAY ME but I just wanted to tell everyone about my trip which was made even better with MyTeksi. 

Sunday, March 01, 2015

#8Weeks (2 MONTHS)

I FINALLY made it to 2 months. Today, I'll be doing something different. The symptoms are more or less still the same but here's what you do need once you're pregnant. 

It's a really informational book and I'm so paranoid and over protective that I will avoid all chapters on complications and etc.... 
In with the good and out with the bad. 

One of the best apps to chart your pregnancy because it has a weekly checkbox to remind you to shop healthy, eat healthy and my favourite part, has got to be the videos of your baby developing from Week 1 - Week 9 and so on.... 
It's so cool to be able to see, what actually goes on in your body. 

I love writing and documenting my life after the accident cause I can't seem to remember anything much. I actually read all the reviews on mostly all the pregnancy journals on Amazon and this is one of those journals that have lots of positive reviews and very minimal negative reviews. 

This journal is very popular on Book Depository and it sells out very fast. Make sure you get a copy. 

That's all for now.