Sunday, March 01, 2015

#8Weeks (2 MONTHS)

I FINALLY made it to 2 months. Today, I'll be doing something different. The symptoms are more or less still the same but here's what you do need once you're pregnant. 

It's a really informational book and I'm so paranoid and over protective that I will avoid all chapters on complications and etc.... 
In with the good and out with the bad. 

One of the best apps to chart your pregnancy because it has a weekly checkbox to remind you to shop healthy, eat healthy and my favourite part, has got to be the videos of your baby developing from Week 1 - Week 9 and so on.... 
It's so cool to be able to see, what actually goes on in your body. 

I love writing and documenting my life after the accident cause I can't seem to remember anything much. I actually read all the reviews on mostly all the pregnancy journals on Amazon and this is one of those journals that have lots of positive reviews and very minimal negative reviews. 

This journal is very popular on Book Depository and it sells out very fast. Make sure you get a copy. 

That's all for now. 

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