Friday, March 27, 2015


I decided to start selling 100% organic and natural products suitable for expecting mamas and some stuff for baby. For now, since I use these products myself, I only have a few products. If you're interested, please, please, e-mail me! I'll want to bring more products in! I'm really comfortable and for now, I only use Earth Mama Angel Baby line because I admire their heritage of planting their own herbs, and making their own products by hand.

Our babies deserve the best of nature! I import them from USA and so, my products don't have GST! HAHAHAH!

Here's 2 of their best selling products that I have with me currently. First come first serve and if I manage to sell it off, will definitely be bringing in more stuff.

This is the Mama-To-Be Pregnancy Kit which contains everything to soothe an expecting mama. The kit contains: 
1) Earth Mama Body Butter (60 ml)
2) Happy Mama body Wash (50 ml)
3) Happy Mama Spray (30 ml)
4) Natural Stretch Oil (30 ml)
5) 2 packs of Morning Wellness Tea.


This is the Organic Morning Wellness Tea that helps with morning sickness and nausea. I know that it works because I love tea and I also have a horrible case of nausea and morning sickness. 

There's Ginger and Mint and it really soothes my stomach and it feels calm and yummy. No more queasy feeling. This box contains 16 tea bags and expires on April 2017. 


I decided to sell these because I couldn't really find 100% organic and natural products in Malaysia. As a mom, I really appreciate the wonders of these products. It really helps with the uncomfortable side of pregnancy. 

If you're interested, do drop me an e-mail at or visit my shop at Carousell

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